Morality fluctuates.

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Morality fluctuates.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:29 pm

My morality depends on my chemicals and moods. When my estrogen is high I want no war. When my testosterone is high I want freedom. Can't we have the best of both, can't we have freedom but no war? Why should my morality have to obey laws and rules made by people who base morality on their moods?

Theft is the highest crime. Social justice warriors and liberals are insane when they say rape is the highest crime. Murder is theft of life and is the highest crime. Second highest crime is theft of freedom, tyranny, cagery and torture. Third highest crime is theft of wealth or status, example: stealing a computer or blackmail. Fourth highest crime is theft of time, example: lying, rape, or bad management/incompetence. Rape is theft of sanity and theft of time. Rape with aids is murder, it is not the same as regular rape. So the argument that "rape can kill you" is talking about murder rape, which is the highest crime. The rape I'm talking about is regular rape with no aids. It is the fourth highest crime, not first highest crime. If rape was the highest crime, then television, the internet and music would be the highest crime because it steals your time and rapes your mind just like rape does.

Liberals who say rape is worse than murder are batshit insane. Would you rather your best friend get raped or murdered? When someone is murdered, they are gone from you, forever, you will never get them back. When someone is raped, they either go insane or act normal. Your friend is still there. They are not gone forever. Liberals and shitlibs don't understand crime or the seriousness of murders. They are babyminds, saying stupid gibberish. It would be like a shitlib saying "Clowns are the highest crime, or wolves in the forest are the highest crime, cuz they scare me and make me feel weird and give me nightmares and I can't think straight afterwards."
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