Jordan Peterson describes self-valuing logic between humans

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Re: Jordan Peterson describes self-valuing logic between hum

Postby iambiguous » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:32 pm

surreptitious75 wrote:The issue is not with the subject itself but your apparent obsession with wanting to talk about it at every available opportunity
This is I Love Philosophy not I Love Dasein in case you had not noticed

Obsession? On only a tiny fraction of all the threads here at ILP do I try to "sneak" dasein into the discussion.

Go ahead, check out, say, the last 50.

And, when your interest in philosophy revolves around the question "how ought I to live?", and your conclusion revolves in turn around the relationship between identity, value judgments and political power, dasein just struck me as as good a description of that as any.

Dasein: "being there"

And, at birth, being there instead of some place else -- and being there now instead of some other time -- can make all the difference in the world when it comes to encompassing/embodying a particular identity.

As that relates to accumulating value judgments.

So, philosophically, what are the implications of that?

Feel free to tell us. :wink:
He was like a man who wanted to change all; and could not; so burned with his impotence; and had only me, an infinitely small microcosm to convert or detest. John Fowles

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