How one should live.

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Re: How one should live.

Postby phyllo » Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:17 pm

It's not about them not being real that bothers you, the system is a perfect image system. youre afraid of not being able to have and to hoard at the expense of others, you're a psychopath plain and simple. It's the TRUE dominance over others that appeals to you.

Also, anyone who loves something truly, wants to share it with anyone who wants it without harming any party involved. Not only are you psychopathic, you don't really love - you hoard in greed - and feed off the power.
Thanks for the psychoanalysis, Doc.
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Re: How one should live.

Postby Karpel Tunnel » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:30 pm

Ecmandu wrote:There are billions of victims, simply because the man or woman down the block either is or is not sexually active with you - zero sum - immoral

Go back to my op.

What this proves is that this world system itself is immoral. Any solution to that, has to, by definition be moral.
I know you think you've explained this well enough. But what is that morality. HOw can women be moral`? No, let's make that concrete. There is some woman you are attracted to. Give her a made up name, describe how she should act to be moral. And let's say there's another guy who also wants to have sex with her.
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