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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:04 am
by esperanza1
Love was in the stars
that fateful day
I read about it in a horoscope
even though I don't normally read them
I was being lifted up
my heart had opened
What an intense moment
I opened myself up
World peace was it possible
to fix this madness
Than my heart
began to close
A glimpse of heaven for a moment
A beginning to a new path
Follow your heart
A whisper
An ideal
but did the ideal create it?
did it shed new light?
could I learn to love the world?
Took me 5 years to realize
that intense moment
I imagine this
God speaking to me
Let your heart open up
but still you have not known me
one day you'll understand
Till than you will remember this moment
and not forget who I am
I'm glad I escaped
when the truth was revealed
my eyes did open
A war like no other
You were there for me when
I needed you most
and I will never forget
You live on in me forever