100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

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100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby humegotitright » Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:26 am

1 - The Stokes - 'Is This It?'

Debut from the New York band that changed the entire musical landscape. Paved the way for a decade of followers, but none succeeded as much as 'Is This It?'

2 - Damien Rice - 'O'

Formerly of Bell X1, Damien Rice released his heart felt album in 2002. A slow burner, public aclaim came with the use of 'The Blower's Daughter' in the 2004 film Closer.

3 - Arcade Fire - 'Funeral'

Often a band come along, that have to be heard to be believed. The Arcade Fire are one of those bands. A seminal album, culminates in the fantastic musical orgy that is 'Wake Up'.

4 - Sigur Ros - 'Takk'

Sung entirely in Icelandic, used as theme music for the BBC's Planet Earth, possibly an unlikely candidate for no. 4, but listening to the crescendo in 'Hoppipolla', it's hard not to be inspired.

5 - Bright Eyes - 'I'm Wide Awake, It’s Morning'

Conor Oberst delivers a blow to the American dream, and produces an indie/folk masterpiece.

6 - Kings Of Leon - 'A-Ha Shake Heartbreak'

The Kings come of age. 'A-Ha Shake Heartbreak', see KOL keep the raw energy their first LP had, but fine tune it into a classic album. 'Milk' is the album highlight.

7 - Muse - 'Absolution'

The boys from Devon deliver a blistering rock epic. Beginning their long lasting relationship with conspiracy theories, they move from 'Apocalypse Please', to 'Time Is Running Out' to 'Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist' barely pausing for breath along the way.

8 - Radiohead - 'In Rainbows'

Release amind a storm of revolution, in a pay what you want format, it could be forgotten that the music was as strong as Radiohead have ever been. This decade's 'OK Computer'.

9 - White Stripes - 'Elephant'

From the moment Jack White declares "A seven nation army couldn't hold me back", on lead single 'Seven Nation Army', you know he means business. The rest of the album doesn't fail to deliver.

10 - Bloc Party - 'A Weekend In The City'

"East London is a vampire, it sucks the blood right out of me'. Bloc Party's second album bemoaned modern day city living. 'Hunting For Witches', examines the politics of fear in the wake of 9/11.

11 - Arctic Monkeys - 'Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not'

Don't believe the hype, Alex Turner tells us. Well, the hype was right. Myspace brought them to the mainstream, but the album lived up to the 'hype'. 2006 was the year of the Monkeys.

12 - Kasabian - 'Empire'

Often bands suffer 'second album syndrome'. 'Empire' showed Kasabian definetly were not suffering. Blistering pop tunes, and a swagger to match, Kasabian had replaced Oasis with this album.

13 - The Libertines - 'Up The Bracket'

Before it all went wrong, The Libertines managed to produce Britain's answer to The Strokes. 'Up The Bracket' sparked a revival of the British music scene which still reverbs today.

14 - The Flaming Lips - 'Yoshmi Battles The Pink Robots'

Oklahoma's finest bring us an album of surreal and beautiful pop music. 'Do You Realize', a song about death, has the amazing ability to make you smile and look forward to life.

15 - The Guillemots - 'Through The Windowpane'

Quirky, ecentric but beautifully crafted pop songs about love, life and coke cans. One of the unsung highlights of the decade sneaks almost unnoticed into my top 20.

16 - Coldplay - 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'

Bed wetters they may be, but they made bloody good music doing it. They may have gone on to become MOR favourites, but just before they showed they could do stadium fillers whilst remaining edgy.

17 - Jay-Z - 'The Black Album'

He may have '99 Problems', but a the best rap album of the decade ain't one. Producers include Timberland, Rick Rubin and Eminem, and the result is an example of how rap music should be done

18 - The Futureheads - 'The Futureheads'

Featuring possibly the greatest cover version of the noughties, The Futureheads debut album was shot in the arm to the post-punk music scene. An enjoyable fun filled 40 minutes.

19 - Gorillaz - 'Demon Days'

A dark concept album that fully embraces the potential that the Gorillaz had. The many collaborators keeps the album fresh and intriguing throughout.

20 - Radiohead - 'Kid A'

An album widely anticipated following 'OK Computer', but which took a completely different direction. No commerical singles or videos and influenced hugely by electronica, it proved evokative and while challenging it was ultimately rewarding.

21 - Kings Of Leon - 'Youth And Young Manhood'

Hairy. Check. Southern. Check. Son of a Preacher. Check. All the makings for a perfect rock album charting the coming of age of young men. Their rawest album explodes with everything you'd expect from the dirty south.

22 - Arctic Monkeys - 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'

The hype well and truely filled, the Arctic Monkeys released an album that moved away from stories of teenage antics and nightlife and instead gave us faster, edgier pop songs.

23 - Modest Mouse - 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News'

Good news for people who love great music. Ranges from the easy going 'Float On', to the brash 'Dance Hall', whilst keeping the listener hooked throughout.

24 - Bloc Party - 'Silent Alarm'

An onslaught of punk inspired tunes, cutting guitar riffs, and George Bush hating lyrics, Bloc Party's debut showed British music had lost none of it's urgency following the demise of the Libertines.

25 - Eminem - 'The Marshall Mathers LP'

His wife, record labels, boybands, the public in general. No one was safe from Eminem's spitting lyrics which were a personal insight into the troubled rappers life and opinions.

26 - Vampire Weekend - 'Vampire Weekend'

Rescuing indie rock from the drudgery depths it had plummeted, Vampire Weekend brought us quirky and intellegent songs that made you want to dance.

27 - Idlewild - 'The Remote Part'

Not many bands enlist the help of an award winning poet for their album, but Idlewild did exactly that. The rest of the album is a pop inspired 40 minutes. Easy to see why it is their most successful to date

28 - The Last Shadow Puppets - 'Age Of The Understatement'

Alex Turner and Miles Kane combine to form the Last Shadow Puppets. Listening to this album and closing your eyes, you could be forgiven for thinking you're in Paris circa. 1950's.

29 - Queens Of The Stone Age - 'Songs For The Deaf'

Based around a drive through the desert QOTSA is hard rocking metal tinged experience guarenteed to induce almost obligitory head banging.

30 - Coldplay - 'Parachutes'

Mercury Prize nominated debut from Coldplay, includes stand-out songs such as Shiver, Spies and the sing along Yellow.

31 - The Streets - 'A Grand Don’t Come For Free'

Follows the story a relationship from start to end, intertwinned with drug abuse, friendships, theft and tales from a lads holiday, 'A Grand Don't Come For Free' narrates through everyday life, becoming a modern classic whilst doing so.

32 - Interpol - 'Antics'

Interpol keep Ian Curtis' flame burning, but 'Antics' is a slightly brighter follow up which cements Interpol as probably the coolest band to come out of NYC

33 - The Coral - 'The Coral'

The Coral are stuck in a 60's time warp, but that is no bad thing. Jaunty, jangly pyschadelic pop-rock, 'The Coral' is one of the most under-rated albums, but makes it onto the list.

34 - MGMT - 'Ocular Spectacular'

Music to make you dance. MGMT feel like a summer night tripping on acid whilst dancing semi-naked twirling glowsticks around a lake.

35 - Muse - 'Origin Of Symmetry'

Thumping bass lines dominated this album. Bellamey's falsetto vocals, and the soaring guitar notes create an almost out of this world experience. Highlights include, 'New Born' and a cover of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'.

36 - Franz Ferdinand - 'Franz Ferdinand'

Art school rock that is cool, suave and irrestiable. One of the shortest albums on the list at only 38 minutes, yet 'Franz Ferdinand' demands your full attention and leaves you wanting more.

37 - Doves - 'The Last Broadcast'

Rising from the ashes of a studio fire, the Doves second album is a Brit rock classic that wouldn't be amiss in the mid 90's amoungst the likes of Oasis, Blur and Pulp.

38 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Show Your Bones'

Grammy nominated album from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's it's highlights include 'Gold Lion' and 'Cheated Hearts'

39 - Elbow - 'The Seldom Seen Kid'

Winning the 2008 Mercury Music Award, 'The Seldom Seen Kid' showcases Guy Garvey's craft as a song writer with gems such as 'Grounds For Divorce' and the inspirational 'One Day Like This'

40 - Arcade Fire - 'Neon Bible'

It is a grandiose album that offers hope to those dismayed by the insantity and madness the modern world has decended into.

41 - Klaxons - 'Myths Of The Near Future'

Ooh Ee Oooh Eh Ooh Eh Oooh Aah Aaahhh. The start of a wave of new-rave albums, this 2007 Mercury Music Prize winner was the best of the lot.

42 - Jamie T - 'Panic Prevention'

At the front of the pack of the London music scence strides Jame T. His lyrics tell of modern youth culture often offering a condemning view of drug and fame culture.

43 - Jay-Z - 'The Blueprint'

Released on September 11th 2001, 'The Blueprint' brought sampling back into the hip-hop mainstream and drew on a number of different influences. Jay-Z answered his critics with this excellent album.

44 - Damien Rice - '9'

Confident enough to have someone else singing the first verse of the opening song '9 Crimes', Rice doesn't stray too far from the winning formula of debut album 'O'. Shows other singer/songwriters how to do troubled and heartfelt.

45 - Kasabian - 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum'

Silliest name for an album since Bowie and his spiders from Mars, Kasabian's third album is a polished and stylish effort which shows they have moved on, leaving their lad rock roots behind.

46 - Daft Punk - 'Discovery'

French dance duo soundtrack anime film 'Interstella 5555'. The film is almost as good as the album, both being out of this world.

47 - Hot Chip - 'The Warning'

Funky beats, and groovey tunes. Hot Chip at times sound like New Order crossed with Kraftwerk, and at others as intimate and sweet such as on 'Made In The Dark'.

48 - White Stripes - 'White Blood Cells'

A rock album with no bass? Who needs a bass when Jack White can create such noise using only a guitar? 'White Blood Cells' rips through each of its 16 songs barely pausing for breath along the way

49 - Belle And Sebastian - 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress'

Scottish band Belle And Sebastian recieved critical aclaim for this album. It is a pop gem, filled with little ditties about the wonders of meaningless things in life.

50 - Biffy Clyro - 'Puzzle'

Biffy had always had a devout fanbase, but 2007's 'Puzzle' saw them gain widespread appeal. Whilst retaining their 'wierdness' and attraction for the morbid, 'Puzzle' was more melodic and user friendly than it's predecessors

51 - LCD Soundsystem - 'Sounds Of Silver'

Second album from New York's James Murphy, a.k.a. LCD Soundsystem. combines wonderful lyrics; see 'All My Friends'; and rythmic beats.

52 - The Streets - 'Original Pirate Material'

Mike Skinner bursts onto the scence providing his view of modern youth culture from the streets of Birmingham, but reflected the lifes of many in urban centres. Instant classic.

53 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'By The Way'

Hot on the heels of the success of 'Californication', the RHCP released 2002's 'By The Way'. One of the most melodic and easy going RHCP albums, lead singer Anthony Kiedis later said it reflects the happiest time of his life. On 'By The Way', it clearly shows.

54 - The Rakes - 'Capture/Release'

Short sharp and punk influence tunes, 'Capture/Release' is an whirlwind of riffs, basslines and lyrics about the more mundane aspects of life.

55 - We Are Scientists - 'With Love And Squalor'

Whilst their music videos may use humour, the take their music deadly serious. A Californian band that would feel at home in the heart of indie London.

56 - The Thrills - 'So Much For The City'

'So Much For The City' is so laid back and surf influenced, it is hard to believe The Thrills hail from Ireland. Escapism seeps from the lyrics of most songs. Close your eyes with this album on and you'll feel that bit closer to the West Coast

57 - Air - 'Virgin Suicides'

Soundtrack to the Sofia Coppola film of the same name, it is a dreamy and fascination album. Some of Air's finest work is on this album.

58 - Kanye West - 'Late Registration'

Whilst Kanye appears elsewhere on this list for producer credits, he makes number 58 for his own second album. Hits like 'Gold Digger' and 'Diamonds From Sierra Lione' make this one of the noughties best rap efforts.

59 - Maximo Park - 'A Certain Trigger'

Riding on the waves of the Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park's debut album is eccentric and pogo-ing sensation.

60 - System Of A Down - 'Mesmerize'

Deserves it's place on the list purely for the lyrical genius that is, "my cock is much bigger than yours". SOAD prove metal can be more than simply noise.

61 - The Killers - 'Hot Fuss'

Back when The Killers were good, cries of "I've good soul but I'm not a soldier" could be heard across the country as 'All These Things I've Done' became the hit of the summer.

62 - Foals - 'Antidotes'

Foals followed where The Klaxons' led. Art rock at it's finest.

63 - The Maccabees - 'Colour It In'

Indie gem from Brighton band The Maccabees, songs about love, life and lego. Whistling along is compulsory.

64 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah'

So what if you can't understand a word lead singer Alec Ounsworth is saying, with melodies like this it doesn't matter. And with famous fans like Bowie and David Byrne you know you're onto a good thing.

65 - Sigur Ros - 'Meo Suo I Eyrum Vio Spilum Endalaust'

This album featured Sigur Ros' first recorded song in English. Like it's predecessor 'Takk' this album is as fanciful as ever. The title means 'with a buzz in our ears, we play endlessly.'

66 - Lightspeed Champion - 'Falling Off The Lavender Bridge'

A mixture of influence from his dreams and childhood experiences, Dev Hyndes' debut album under the name of Lightspeed Champion' is a folky inspired indie classic

67 - The Music - 'The Music'

Swaggering onto the British Indie scene in 2002 The Music's self titled debut LP burst with confidence and heavy guitars.

68 - Peter, Bjorn & John - 'Writer’s Block'

Instantly catchy, I defy anyone to hear 'Young Folks' and not continue whilsting all day. The rest of the album is just as compelling.

69 - The Racontuers - 'Broken Boy Soldiers'

Not content being in one successful rock band, Jack White joins forces with Brendon Benson and the rhythm section of The Greenhorns to form The Racontuers. The album has a raw feel to it cementing the belief that Jack White is indeed God.

70 - Glasvegas - Glasvegas

The band consider the songs more as poems reflecting the world around them. It certainly captures the harshness of life in Glasgow, and songs such as 'Stabbed' and 'Go Square Go' highlight some of Scottish culture's more unsavoury aspects.

71 - Noah And The Whale - 'Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down'

An album full of quirky folk inspired songs, such as 'Shape Of My Heart' and the insanely catchy lead single '5 Years Time'.

72 - Mew - 'No More Stories / Are Told Today / I'm Sorry / They Washed Away / No More Stories / The World Is Grey / I'm Tired / Let's Wash Away'

Prize for longest album name goes to Danish band Mew. 'No More Stories...' develops the sound Mew are known for on their previous albums. Comparisons to prog rock are not far off the mark.

73 - Hot Chip - 'Made In The Dark

More electronic indie pop from Hot Chip, 'Made In The Dark' contains all the elements that made 'The Warning' successful.

74 - Cold War Kids - 'Robbers And Cowards'

Cold War Kids are reminscient of Jeff Buckley, and to a lesser extent Bob Dylan. Debut album 'Robbers And Cowards' contains hits such as 'Hang Me Out To Dry' and 'Hospital Beds'.


75 - Death Cab For Cutie - 'Plans'

Grammy nominated 5th album, 'Plans' is an intimate affair with lovely songs about love.

76 - Friendly Fires - 'Friendly Fires'

Dance the night away with St Albans band Friendly Fires. Fusing dance and indie into a funky blend of electronic pop music guarenteed to make you move.

77 - The Sunshine Underground - 'Raise The Alarm'

At the time The Sunshine Underground were associated with the new-rave movement, however their songs have more substance to them than other bands of that ilk.

78 - Albert Hammond Jr. - 'Yours To Keep'

Strokes man Albert Hammond Jr. goes it alone with his 2006 solo effort and departs from The Strokes usual sound to produce this album of dreamy pop.

79 - The Rapture - 'Echoes'

New York dance-punk outfit The Rapture, capture the imagination with this 2002 beat inspired release.

80 - Fleet Foxes - 'Fleet Foxes'

Beautiful music that is both rewarding and satisfying. Almost unlike any other album in the list, Fleet Foxes have an unique sound all of their own

81 - Bloc Party - 'Intimacy'

Third entry for Bloc Party, their 3rd release shows a more electronic influence and a more developed and independent sound. Where 'AWITC' was dark and angry, 'Intimacy' is more personal and emotional offering.

82 - Stereophonics - 'Language, Sex, Violence, Other?'

Stereophonics drag themselves out of the decline seen in their last album and deliver their best since debut 'Word Gets Around'. Features chart topper and dance floor filler 'Dakota'.

83 - The Coral - 'Magic And Medicine'

The Coral sink even deeper into a world of their own, possibly inhabited by dragons, wizards and pyschadelic rabbits. 'Don't Think You're The First', could be one of the finest songs ever to come out of Liverpool. And that's saying something.

84 - Paul Weller - '22 Dreams'

It would be almost sacreligious to not include Weller in this list. Been there, done it and got the very fashionable T-shirt, Weller's '22 Dreams' is a mature album from a musical legend.

85 - Outkast - 'Stankonia'

Before they went onto to get women everywhere to "shake it like a polaroid picture", Outkast were the kings of funk and 2000's 'Stankonia' proves it.

86 - Bat For Lashes - 'Fur And Gold'

Natasha Khan hides behind the alais Bat For Lashes but her beautiful voice is evident for all to hear on her debut 'Fur And Gold'.

87 - Ryan Adams - 'Gold'

Ryan Adams is often a hit or miss affair. 'Gold' however shows what he is capable of when he is at his best.

88 - Oasis - 'Dig Up Your Soul'

'Dig Up Your Soul' proved to be a return to form for the ever entertaining Gallacher brothers. Doesn't so much re-invent the wheel, re-affirms it as a bloody good thing to have around.

89 - Anthony & The Johnsons - 'I Am A Bird Now'

Featuring collaborations with Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed and Boy George, Mercury Award Winning, 'I Am A Bird Now' is a beautiful collection of songs.

90 - Johnny Cash - 'America IV: The Man Comes Around'

Not so much a legend as an American institution, Johnny Cash's last album before his death is also one of his finest. Featuring a number of covers, the finest of which is 'Hurt'.

91 - Morrissey - 'You Are The Quarry'

Much more mainstream that his previous efforts, Morrisey returns to the fold with this wholly enjoyable album.

92 - The Stands - 'All Years Leaving'

Short lived indie band The Stands, released a folk inspired classic that harks back to indie favourites Teenage Fanclub's style.

93 - Gnarls Barkley - 'St. Elsewhere'

DJ Danger Mouse joins forces with rapper Cee-Lo to form Gnarls Barkley. 'Crazy' was an overnight internet phenomenon.

94 - The Go! Team - 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike'

Fascinating album by The Go! Team, highlights include 'Panther Dash', 'Junior Kickstart' and the wonderful 'Ladyflash'

95 - Cooper Temple Clause - 'Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose'

Never has an album has a name which describes the music on it so well. The Cooper's roar into the list with their best album.

96 - The Darkness - 'The Darkness'

OK they may have wore leotards and sang about veneeral diseases, but transport yourself back to the first time you heard the opening riffs of 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'. This album deserves it's place on the list for not taking itself too seriously.

97 - Snow Patrol - 'Final Straw'

It may not be cool to admit to liking Snow Patrol, but 'Final Straw', the album that they hit the big time with, is a guilty pleasure. 'Run' is a true stadium anthem. Altogether now, "Light up..."

98 - TV On The Radio - 'Dear Science'

New York's TV On The Radio dedicate this dance filled album to science.

99 - The Shins - 'Winching The Night Away'

Musically diverse, this album leans from hip hop beats to new wave via folk sounds along the way.

100 - Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - 'The Letting Go'

Last but by no means least is 'The Letting Go' by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Taking it's name from an Emily Dickinson poem, the album is as poetic as its name.


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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby MagsJ » Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:08 am

You have great taste in music, I must say...
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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby humegotitright » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:03 am

As always Magsj you flatter me :D

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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby Anthem » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:36 am

Without Rush's Snakes and Arrows this list is fail.

No offense.
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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby AnitaS » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:24 am

Nice list, humegotitright. And cool or not, Snow Patrol would be on my list, too.

Here are a few more I would add, in no particular order [each had several albums released between 2000-2009]:

The Vines

Rufus Wainwright

Spoon (matty turned me on to these guys, thanks matty :) )

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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby humegotitright » Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:08 am

Anthem wrote:Without Rush's Snakes and Arrows this list is fail.

No offense.

None taken :D

Not a big Rush fan though. Sorry!

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Hobbes was fond of his dram,
And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart: "I drink, therefore I am"

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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby Anthem » Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:19 pm

:-? :-& :evil:
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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby theslayer77777 » Sat May 07, 2011 3:27 am

i believe you left out some major rap songs such as Country Grammar - Nelly
Ludacris - Southern Hospitality
Eminem - The Way I Am
OutKast - Ms. Jackson
Jay Z - Big Pimpin'
Missy Elliott - One Minute Man
Dr. Dre ft. Ice Cube and MC Ren - Hello
Black Rob- Life Story
DMX- And Then There Was X.
Ghostface Killah- Supreme Clientele
Jay-z - Izzo
Jay-z - Parking Lot Pimpin'
Notorious BIG - Mo Money Mo Problems
Puff Daddy - I'll be missing you
Juvenile - Back That Azz up
Ice Cube - You can do it put your back into it
2pac- Changes
Nas - One Mic
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Re: 100 Greatest Albums Of The 00's

Postby limbarbie » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:15 am

Here's my list of greatest album of the 00's for now.. will add more soon!

Beautiful - Clayton Risner
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
The show goes on - Lupe
Jet Lag - Simple Plan
Mr. Sun - stairwells
beautiful world - coldplay
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