Madonnas Evolution

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Madonnas Evolution

Postby Destiny » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:22 am

Part 1

I believe Madonna is the liberator of women from the constraints of the religion they were grown in. So many guys have artists that provoke their will to fight but for women it's harder to know how to fight. Sometimes we can bite but it hurts us too. Unless we know a man is a dog, but then he wants it, because dogs want all the kinds of attention, it doesn't matter for them how youre heart feels as long as you notice them. That's why women who know themselves prefer cats, and my family has always "known itself", except from my fathers side. My father has a religious diet which prevents him, or so he says, from going to the store like every other normal person when he is hungry, he must 'fetch his own supper' as his daddy before him, and my grand dad even gave me a mascot made out of squirrel. I felt I can't let the squirrel go to waste, and this has marked me. I still have it in my moms closet, and one day I will take it out and give it a proper burial. I do eat the meat when my dad fetches it, because it is very good. I am a person who makes her own choices. Some of them are bad for other people. But I will never become a repressed woman.

Always ask a man to drive you.
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