nigga moment.

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nigga moment.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:21 pm

I was sitting on the bus minding my own business. This nigga brushes by with his coat, his coat touches my knees. I was wearing jeans, thank the devil, but I started freaking out. Major invasion of my personal space. Totally not cool. His coat was full of stains and had this oily residue on it. He turned around and, thank the devil, he looked old and not gay. Thank the devil, he was old and therefore probably didn't have aids (aids people don't get old), and my gaydar gave the vibe he was probably not gay, because it was a sight of relief that he probably did not touch my pants with aids.

My goal is to stay aids free so that one of these years I will finally get laid. It will be the final straw if I have to shake some nigga's hand that has aids on it. If a black that looks gay asks me to shake his hand I politely refuse. I don't ever poop in restaraunts without wiping the toilet seat with sanitizer, for all I know some gay black person jacked off on the toilet seat and the semen is on the toilet. You can never be too careful or paranoid. Each year I check on the doctor to make sure I am aids free, and thank the devil, I am aids free, never had aids and I hope I never will. You can never be sure, some fag working at fast food could cut their hand and bleed into your barbeque sandwich. I want a kids and family, but specifically I want an army of clones exactly the same as me so I can have sex with them and also run politics and save the animals from barbarians and gentiles. The point of having a family is to raise a Mini-you or a Jr. why not skip the element of chance and clone yourself? You'll still have the sexual satisfaction. Cloning skips the middle man and gets straight to core meaning of reproduction, which is perpetuance of the dominant y chromosome.
Welfare is good, because it keeps people with aids from having jobs, less chance of them infecting our meals that way. You don't want someone with aids to work at a hospital. This brings me to my next nigga moment.

I was sitting minding my own business when this nigga walks up to me speaking in mumbo talk. Could not understand a word he was saying, it was worse than hoodrat or nigga speak. I could understand a fat black house maid from the south better than him. I asked him to write down what he was saying and he wrote in chickenscratch "Homeless, 2.99". How rude. He didn't even say please. I told him to go away and he kept hounding and hounding. I hate when I feel forced to give homeless money, it feels like they are trying to dominate me and rape my mind, it feels insulting. None of them ever ask politely, it feels like you are being mugged. I guess it is too much to ask to write legibly or even say please. I wish we would give welfare to homeless so they wouldn't be on the street and bother us anymore, but even that is a pipedream since half of them are crackheads and they would still be on the street begging even if they had a home. Crackheadism needs to be illegal. So my proposal is that on the first offense of being a crackhead, we give them electroshock thereapy, second offence, we cut off their balls, third offense, we kill them humanely and put them in burgers to feed the children. No cow should have to die to replace a crackhead. It's a fair system, we would also do it to the rich, we don't need crackhead CEO's making retarded decisions and running our businesses to the ground.

Far as blacks go, the 3% of blacks who are civilzed and polite, such as the femboys, house maids, intelligent blacks and sex slaves, may stay in America. Black criminals on their first offense, as I said before, get shock therapy. Second offense though, we don't remove their balls, only give them forced female hormones. Third offense, we send them to africa. Well, it actually depends on the offense. Rapist and theives get female hormones on their second offense, whereas murderers get sent to africa immediately. I think this is better for them and us, more humane than locking a human being in a cage, and less tax money to pay for a broken prison system. Also, half of blacks don't even have a stable family, and I doubt most of them would even be missed by relatives, and blacks don't really value each other as much as whites do so they wouldn't miss each other very much. We would also send White murderers to africa, these whites would have the strength and backbone to bring the badly need white light to bring civilization to the african plains.

There is, however, a more humane, and more entertaining, solution than sending murderers to africa. We could set up a bubble zone, like The Maze movie, where they are transported into a natural environment. We see them live off nature and make log cabins from the trees. We monitor and give a little bit of assistance and supplies here and there, and we watch and film, studying and seeing just how these savages can civilize in an uncivilized habitat. Of course, murderous females are also dumped into their community as well.

I am the wisest leader of all, yet the cucks and Jews want to hold me down and they laugh at me but I am dead serious. They laugh because their feeble minds cannot comprehend the greatness of my ideas. They mock and say King Solomon, the fag and Jew is more wise than me. How can you be wiser than the fountain of knowledge itself?
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