Social Sciences Rules

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Social Sciences Rules

Postby PavlovianModel146 » Thu May 13, 2010 10:50 pm

The rules stated here are an addendum to the ILP Forum Philosophy. Please note that these rules are posted on May 13, 2010, and apply starting on that date.

1. Show courtesy and respect for all who post here.

2. No direct insults to any ILP members are allowed.

3. No slander, belittlement, instigation to riot, trolling or baiting.

4. If you're going to insult anyone here indirectly, be good at it. Be clever, be subtle, be smart. Leave room for doubt in the mod's mind.

5. No posting of illegal material.

6. If you are going to use an outside article or source to make a case, please make sure it is at least informally cited.


In Social Sciences, I would rather lock threads than toss out warnings, this is particularly the case in topics where there are multiple posters who could be seen as having committed an infraction.

When it comes to Social Sciences Forum Rules, that someone instigated you to violate the rules by first violating the Rules themselves will not be seen as a defense.

Anytime I lock a thread, I will announce it on that thread. Generally, threads will be unlocked within 48 hours, and if they are, an infraction of any kind after the thread is unlocked (by any user, whether or not that user is responsible, in part, for the initial decision to lock the thread) will result in a warning.

Occasionally, you might receive a PM from me which is to be taken as a, "Soft warning." This will often be the case in a thread where I see you (individually speaking) as being the only one to commit an infraction. With more serious infractions, I may ask you to edit your post and give you a certain timeframe (i.e. 24 hours) within which to do so. If you refuse to edit the post, or if I have to edit it for you, that will automatically be a Board Warning.

Everyone is free, via PM, to challenge any decisions I make. If you wish to challenge a decision I make with a different Moderator, you may then PM that Moderator, but keep in mind that Social Sciences is a Forum charged to me, personally, so unless I am indisputably wrong in my decision, you're better off to challenge it with me.

Any questions or comments related to the Social Sciences Board Rules should be posted in a new thread in Help and Suggestions.

Happy Posting,
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Re: Social Sciences Rules

Postby Stoic Guardian » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:25 am

New Mod new rules.
I am happy with many of the rules as they are now but new issues require action.

7. Crap posting is not allowed. This is defined as excessively obnoxious use of text (huge fonts, large mixmash of font colors that are disorientating to readers.)
Excessive amounts of space between sentences.
Excessive amounts of pictures with no context.
And any general large amounts of posting irrelevent comments that have little to no context with the conversation at hand.
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