My Analysis of Trump's mind.

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My Analysis of Trump's mind.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:44 pm

Trump is trying his damndest to stop WW3. The global world powers are trying their best to make it happen, the cards are against him. He can't be faulted for this.

Trump is trying his best to make America great again. The cards are against him. He can't be faulted for this.

However, Trump has a female mind. He doesn't have a mechanical mind.
How trump operates is, he puts forth an idea into reality, and has to wait for the experiment results to see if it's a good idea. He doesn't have an idea filter, he doesn't say "Ehhhh...I don't know about that idea, it seems iffy." Like a cartoon character quote when they are going in the woods. He has to have reality litterally test his ideas.

He has a female mind for 4 reasons.
1. He judges other women based on beauty and superficial features.
2. He has emotional, rather than logic based reactions to injustices.
3. He is good at climbing social ladders.
4. He talks like a grandma from a sitcom.
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