Men are Tanks, Women are Infantry.

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Men are Tanks, Women are Infantry.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:07 pm

Men trailblazer, women follow behind and attack behind cover, or numbers.

Men of the Infinite are legit geniuses. Dunno if supreme geniuses, but legit geniuses. And what is a genius but simply sticking to your guns, sticking to logic and reason. Wouldn't say to the point of a Dawkins, since Spock believes in telepathy and spiritual things. Not all telepaths are real though, some are quacks. Kelly Jones, limited by her female body, unable to appreciate any soundtrack with grit, mocking and stifling as her default female tendency.

Remember that Nostrafailus who said the world would end on 2017? "Remember the Light" or something was his name, that Jim Carrey guy? He is an idiot, I am a genius. Only way he is not an idiot is if he intentionally made the prediction as reverse psychology to insert into the universe for it not to happen. He will probably make some excuse like saying, my jelly pudding expired, which in "spiritual terms", means the world did end on 2017.
Star Trek is not autism it is a supreme society. I figured out the equation of degeneration.

The equation of degeneration stems from a hatred and rejection of geniuses. Mozart spat on and replaced with Justin Bieber. George Lucas replaced with J J Abrams. You can tell the difference in Men by their pictures, George Lucas looks like a noble and cool Man, JJ Abrams looks like a Modern. In total there are less than 1000 active online philosophers. Geniuses banned for simply saying obvious truths, for simply saying that most females are not genius. Geniuses banned for simply posting in the style and manner of a genius. 10 years ago anyone preaching the truth of Health food was shut out. Nowadays health food is "hip" acceptable. We do not forgive, we do not forget. If you don't dumb your words down to fit the LCD (usually the admin) you will be rejected by society. Males are hermaphroditic, XY. Hermaphroditics tend to have larger brains, greater expanse of experience and awareness. A female is limited in understanding because she cannot experience masculinity, in the same way a brainwashed hyper masculine excessively macho man is limited in understanding. Whereas a male can experience both masculinity and feminity. A male to female transexual does not require external hormone pills to experience the full range of feminine emotions, whilst a tomboy is only a facsimilie of a man, without experiencing the full range of male emotions or male brain abilities. The root word Herm, also has its roots in Hermitude, abandonment of society. Geniuses are routinely excluded from participation in rites of power, almost as par status quo. Thus the saga is saturated with quacks and blowhards like Hawkings, Einstein, Dawkins, Dennett and myself. Hawkings is essentially a troll on steroids.

The full scope of the equation of degeneration stems from sheltering of the minority. This differs from Satyr's equation in which he states that cultural degeneration stems from sheltering of the majority. I propose that the degeneration stems from sheltering of the elites, mainly, those who run things, who decide our media. An unevolved human is susceptible to the brainwashing of 30 hz. Most humans have not matured and are hypersensitive. In this dwarfed morality they become hyper aesthetes fearful of truth and reason. This actually somehow backfires and their aesthetic quality is also stunted, since they are constrained. All humans are susceptible as the fetus is female, pure. Whites are also a feminine race as Aryans are feminine genetically, but have the potential to mature a masculine edge. Their aesthetism, sensitivity and moral compass stems from their feminity however this makes them highly susceptible to brainwashing and irrationality. The patterns we see through history indicate a high susceptible White population easily dominated by cunning mature manipulators. They were herded by the Catholic Priests, later the Matriarchy, later the Patriarchy, highly susceptible to religious techniques, manifest destiny propoganda, ciggarrette advertisements, and zealotry. This all stems from their ability to become easily riled up after being told false propoganda. In fact I do believe the preponderance to ciggarrettes are mainly a White thing, though Whites do have larger brain mass than Blacks, Blacks can be more rational in some regards. Blacks are starting to develop a White sensitivity and thus feminization on par with the whites, so we are beginning to see Blacks mobilizing over propoganda. However there are 2 possibilities, I suspect many of these Blacks are cunning manipulators and actually Conscious entities, and are not simply following the trail of crumbs, second, much of the propoganda is legitimate. However Blacks tend to be more religious than Whites, so my conclusion of the two races is about the same a picking through a bag of old dead batteries, Slim Pickings if you want to find any good ones. The proportions of Aryan Whites is small and most Whites have barbarian or Gentile features, Blacks tend to have a dichotomy of exaggerated panther or baboon features, or Aryan features. Muslims are entirely hopeless, they are Aryan but feminized to the point where they have been consumed by propoganda and brainwashing. Fear and violence, floods the body's hunger hormones, increases need to feed.

The tyranny of Democrazy
I have always been Anti-Nazi and always will be anti-nazi. I must continue to fight National Socailism when it rears it ugly head. National Socialism always uses a good cause (Aryanism, or, Liberalism) twists it and uses it for its ends. Aryanism is a fundamentally good cause, as is Vegetarianism, and the actual definition of Liberal used to be a good thing, before it became twisted and deformed, the Swastika used to invoke feelings of strength and tranquility. In olden times you could simply state that Jews had an agenda gainst the Whites and not be deemed evil. If I simply state an obvious fact, that Jews hate my race, I am deemed some kind of evil monstrocity, when I am simply a victim of the Jews. It is not enough that Jews hate me, but I must be further be punished by simply stating the obvious, that Jews hate me and are out to get me. Nazis (National Socialists) taint everything in their path. 5 Years ago I could say I was a Liberal and I would be a Culture Surfer. Nowadays liberal is no different than a Nazi. They twist and taint the words. 100 years ago I could say I was Proud to be Aryan. Now if I tell it to some (Tarded BabyMinded Modern) they yell, scream and accuse me of being a Nazi. And these tarded Babyminds don't even know what the word Aryan even means, which it has existed for thousands of years before Germany was even a country. Aryan has nothing to do with Germans or Germany, once again National Socialists trogdor all good things in their path. Aryan refers to an ancient race of IndoEuropean Turks that migrated to India, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Though I will admit I have a certain taste and fondness for the German genius and mad scientist, Nazis simply stole and tainted the term for their ends. Though nowadays, the world is 99% tards and baby minds who don't know anything, and cannot even process your words out of your mouth before yelling at you in their tarded rage.

Knowing Everything. When I tell a tard, or baby mind, that I Know Everything, she will ask, "How many miles is it to Pluto?" That's trivial, garbage information. It's a bit like asking, "How many hairs are on my head?" Something that isn't crucial information. Though I suppose, in terms of past lives, I've probably experienced all the experience, there is so much in my head I have dreams that suprise me because my vocab expands, if its not in Conscious Memory yet it is still valid.

Conscious vs. Unconscious. The modern population is not merely unconscious but unSentient. They have a stagnant lack of ability to climb the heights of intelligence and thus I firmly believe that we are living in a Fictitious world, Talking to the Wall is not genius, but if you are the only Sentient being in the galaxy it really does not matter if you are genius, the term becomes quite mute as with the rest of everything upon the realization. All people like wind up dolls, monstrocities, the tyranny of the majority.

Star Trek was originally more philosophical, a philosophy show. Each (de) generation got less and less heady. Star Trek was originally led by a brazen White Man with Balls, with a logical calm and rational best friend, and due to White values of kindness and diplomacy, allowed a black woman to have a Noble role on the ship. (We do not see This kind of diplomacy on Black Television. In Black Television, whenever Whites are featured on the show, they are usually mocked and ridiculed and set in a humiliating light.) Then it was Captain Picard, still had balls, still noble, but not as brazen and more British. Then eventually, Capt. Sisko (Who did not even want to be on the show, my friend worked with him on the set), a black man in charge of a Stationary House in Space Who Does Not Want to be there, then a woman, But then the show was eventually lost its philosophical edge after the 2000's (In my opinion, Modern Whites are much worse than a Noble Woman or Noble Black in charge.) The first 2 modern star trek movies were good, but hollow, 3rd one was good, but exceptionally hollow, Due to the systemic oppression and supression of geniuses from active power roles.

It's Democrazy to think that a mob of idiots should have more voting clout than a being of reason. The very thought of Democrazy is absurd, one man chosen, out of 300 million to dictate and decide the fate of a population... Such an unreasonable world. In all animal species there is no analogy, even the bee hives each have their own queen, the entire Forest is not governed by a single queen...It is in my own interest to elect myself as President, however I must fight the systemic struggle and oppression simply to be visible in society, as the Agenda tries to supress all Geniuses from society. Satyr is a shining example of how this works, as his works were deleted and suppressed by countless lesser minds. It is in fact infuriating.

School Shooters are the Enemy of Freedom
Guns are the only thing that matters in society. We cannot afford to have these school shootings pile up. It gives the democrazies fuel and fire to castrate us. It is understandable to hate humans, however School Shootings does nothing to reduce the human population, it actually causes them to breed more. School shooters are selfish, the more shootings their are, the more likely our gun-rights are treading on thin ice. We've all dreamed about attacking our classmates, just none of us were dumb enough to actually do it. I beg and I plead to stab your bullies instead of shooting them. They problably won't even die, you'll only go to jail for a couple years. Shooting 15 people does nothing to curb the national epidemic of idiocy. It's time to man-up, stop shooting your classmates like a pussy, if anything, use a Katana. If you aren't man enough to attack an unsuspecting, unarmed teenager without using a gun, then you deserve to die as much as them. Guns are the only thing that matters in society because think of 9000 years in the future. With no guns it will be a Galatic Dictatorship with no rebellion because guns will only be in the wrong hands, the government.

But they are pulling a fast one on us, because they are making weapons superior to guns that we aren't allowed to use. I beg and urge Trump to legalize Rocket Launchers and Tanks. Bearing arms is not just a right, it is DUTY and a RESPONSIBILITY to keep tyranny at bay. If you trust any government you are fool, and moron and a baboon. Government is inherently a corrupt system because the voting process is flawed, votes are decided by a mob of buffoons. But let's say our Government is not the bad guy, lets say we are taken over by Nazis like Poland was. A civilian population with no guns is a stupid, dumb bunch of baboons.

Head in Ass Syndrome
Again, the human population has its Head in Ass, dawdling on bullshit like Nasa and, when The Only Thing that matters is the Reincarnation Equation and the DNA machine. You Don't Need Schools if you have a DNA machine, retards. And you might not need a DNA machine if you know the Reincarnation Equation. What a stupid population.

The Cancer Equation.
2+2=4. How stupid can you be? If you walk into the average American's kitchen, it paints a clear picture, Hamburger Helper, shit, shit, and more shit. And yet these literal tards waste time trying to "find a cure" when they eat toxic garbage and chain smoke 24/7...Boggles the mind. Hermitude seems like the only reasonable solution when faced with a society so stupid and unreasonable. (This plague of idiots has even infected the philosophy community, we have our finest Fixed Balls here, Fixed Balls claiming ciggarettes are not harmful and their toxicity is a myth. Again, he is an agent of the Agenda banning Geniuses he cannot understand, confusing his community of convulted pedant wordists and garbage "musicbots" for actual genius...)

Butthurt tards, queeros, and wimpos.
If some guy walks up to me and calls me a tard, I either punch him in the nose, or say an insult to him. What I don't do, is go on TV, put a poster around my neck saying "I am hurt. I am a person. I am seeeen." Because i would have like negative -9000 street cred. But whatever gets them wet these days. That is what they are teaching people to be, Zero Backbone below even the wimps below even pathetic. The word police are no different than the thought police. People these days make cowards look tough. People these days are so below the meter there isn't even a word in the dictionary to insult them with.

the fail of STARRRR
Star is a rip off of the popularity of My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks it is some Zero Energy Corporate hacks trying to money grab cash grab. I hesistate to call it even a ripoff of Rainbow Rocks because mentioning it alongside the Film is way more than it deserves. They are ripping off the Dazzlings but they have no idea why people actually like the Dazzlings or what made them great. People like the Dazzlings becaue it is a unique spin on the Three Stooges Formula. Star is nothing like three stooges, nor Dazzlings, its hollow modern vapid bullshit. These Corporate bastards have no idea what they are doing or show theory is, they are simply riding the wave of angry butthurt femtards and adding "Strong Black Independent Woman" to the equation and hoping it will sell. Star willbe so mediocre that even mentioning it alongside of the Dazzling's good name is enough of a disgrace. Get ready for a buttload of mediocrity and cuckgina critics saying their crap is gold.

You know, the more I think about it, maybe that wackjob was right. Maybe the world has ended.
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