What Lurks in the Dark

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What Lurks in the Dark

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:00 pm

I went to a school full of rich Jews and atheists. What kind of a kid was I, I was the quiet sensitive kid, who ate alone, or occassionally, talking with other pagans about the meaning of life. There was a deep pain I had at the thought of school, almost a feeling as if the whole thing was like a slavery, and deeply unfair and unnatural. I wasn't conscious of the logic of it, but subconsciously there was an awareness that the Jews and degenerates had it easier than me, they could tolerate it while I, a being of culture and fine taste, was tormented by their Jewry. The talk was incessant - non stop discussion of Who Had The Biggest Penis, talk of degenerate homosexual things and other degenerate things, such as sports and commoner culture. I dreaded each day I was forced into that school, but I was told that school was the epitome of culture and civilization. So sad man. Some days I would finally come out of my shell, exposing my true Sonata Dusk Taco Tuesday self, and facing the consequences. Seeing that I was a pure and empathic Aryan, naive and nothing but nice to them, the Jews took so much advantage of me at that school. I was routinely insulted, bullied and molested by them there. One of them tried to rape me. Of course, none of that was enough for the Jews. The fact that they caused me to have total insanity was not enough for their satisfaction. You see, after they Stockholmed me, I fell in love with some of the Men there. But that did not make them happy. It made them mad that I was happy. So you see, their goal was to make me as miserable as possible. So of course, as soon I told my love for them, they said it was all a joke and told me to get lost. She fawns her beauty at you, but as soon as you touch her she becomes a fine mist, a vapor, a mirage. You can always tell a Jew by it's strange nose. A half Jew half Aryan is more dangerous than any Jew, for it has the added strength and rage of an Aryan. This is what the Joker character in batman is based off of. A full jew is too weak to be believed as a bully. It hides behind money, books, and shadows.

After I went to that school, I went to a school full of gays. But the gays were not my enemy. I "tolerated" them, even though their mere prescence had a obtrusive energy to it, I could tell they were raping me with their eyes. I was most certainly not one of them, and I had placed a picture of Fine Art amongst the gallery to be viewed by the school. Lo and behold, a crowd of niggers, a bunch of niggers I had been nothing but nice to, were all crowding around my art piece, insulting me and mocking me for 5 minutes until they finally noticed me staring at them from a distance. I could not contain my tears, I waited for them to leave and I tore up my art piece into 5 pieces. I felt so embarassed, ashamed, and hurt. It was better for my art to have never existed than for it, and for me, to be called gay by a crowd of niggers.

After that school, I was transferred to a school full of only niggers. There were only 3 intelligent negroes in all of the school. Walking down the hallways seemed like a dangerous affair, I made care never to look one in the eye. I had befriended two nice young Aryan white men. One of the Aryans retained his whiteness, had a keen intelligence for the cinema, but he was small of height and small of stature. The other Aryan was as short as he, but had not retained his whiteness, surrounding himself with blacks and basketball. As an interracial sometimes I could not retain my tears. I felt as though I was born in the wrong body, that I was White Nobility and Aristocracy, and here I was being thrown into the boat with blacks, of which most I had none in common nor could relate to. Was I doomed, to be Tarzan ruled over by giant baboons I could not contest. Was I, nothing but a simple and rude negro, to love rap music and have no fine standards or taste. My pillow became soaked with tears.

It was like a nightmare, the more I tried to run from it, the more it began to swallow me whole. Until it eventually made love to my mind, and I submitted to it, and became a nigger myself, or at least, stealing some of their traits and using it to my advantage, like how in Metroid Prime after you kill a boss, you copy its powers and use them for yourself.

Was I a White or was I a negro. It started to become clear that I was a White, possibly a negro, but certainly I was not a nigger. The funny side of me, my mother's side, the clown, Pinkie Pie side, was the negro, but not nigger. The white side of me, the Monty Python side, also the clown, Pinkie Pie side, was the white part of me. It is hard to say how White I am. Because my Negro mother does not like rap music and is as white as can be for a negro. If anything, I suppose I am white like how the princess from Alladin is white but not white white, like fully Nordic. Like I said earlier many Muslims are Aryan (right next door to Turkey.) I pray to the gods that I am not Egyptian, and I do not think I am, as the pyramids sicken me, even though Egyptians are Aryan they are my least favorite Aryan, Japanese and Whites being the most superior Aryan.

In any case, at that school, the stress of it all began to build up. There was paranoia in the hallways, constant fear. The blacks were out of control. They would constantly interrupt the Teacher and make lame, unfunny crude jokes. I could tolerate the jokes but I could not tolerate how all of the blacks would bully and abuse my white friend. The bullying was obscene, it was not a classic American Aryan bully who asked for lunch money and did practical jokes. It was not one lone bully. Almost every single black in the classroom would bully him like a pack of hyenas. And he would be nothing but nice to them, and that made them bully him more. Unlike white Aryan bullies, these bullies would not respond to logic or reason. My friend would make valid arguments to humilate them, and these black bullies would not respond in an intelligent way, or feel any kind of shame for it. A typical Aryan bully hunts alone (because he is strong) and also responds to the victims words, where as black bullies require a pack and cannot heed reason. This incessant bullying got on my nerves. What broke the camel's back though, was something a White teacher did to me. The White Teacher sold out his honor to applease the black mob of students, the same ones who disrespected him everyday.

One day I go to class, and there is a video on about Deaf people. Deaf people disturbed me already because I kept having disturbing thoughts about them raping me. Then lo and behold this Mexican rudely enters the room claiming there is a fat black bitch who is so fugly he would rather sleep with an old man. Sleep with an old man. These words echoed in my noggin, and I fell into a deep rage. Then this White who plays the video of deaf people, and talks about the "sticky icky" after he makes cock motions with his hands. It was the White who put me over the edge! I cannot bear my anger any longer, for my mind is now full of thoughts of me being raped by deaf old men. So I confide my anger into my fellow White. And he betrays me to the Jews! Beware the blackified white for he cannot be trusted. So I am expelled by that school for confiding in the Benedict Arnold, the liberal cuck white trash of the city.

Next school I go to is black as sin, blacker than the Night itself. More of the same, Niggers running off their chains! Again I am swarmed by dangerous people black as sin. Again I am bullied, I cannot even get a drink of water without some nigger coming up to me and making disgusting cock motions with his hands! And here society tells me I am being educated, to become a contributing member of civilization! What civilization??

To rewind back in time, let's add some more details to this story. Let's talk about my days in middle school. Let's talk about how a Jew tried to rape me, day in and day out. When I refused his sexual advances he tried to rape me even more. Eventually, the strong Aryan in me forgave him for what he did, and tried to let bygones be bygones. I lost my sensitivity to rape and tried to encourage forgiveness instead. But that is not enough for the Jew! It never is! The Jew started insulting me, calling me a rapist and all manner of monstrocities, because he had tracked me on Facebook trying to spread kindness and forgiveness to rapists! What the hypocrasy of the Jew! This rapist, calling me a fuckin' rapist, after he tried to rape me in middle school! The hypocrasy of the liberal numbnuts fucktard never ceases to amaze me. They will never cease trying to crucify you.

Next up, highschool. I go to highschool, and this white girl is teaching geography. I am 15, she is 30. I am due what is rightfully owed to me! Yet these hypocrit, fucking liberal numbnuts fucktards say it's pedophilia for a 15 year old male to get what is rightfully owed to them! And these liberal fuckstains think that male on male rape is perfectly ok and needed for males, and that 15 year old males should be fags and queers, that's ok, but if a 15 year old male gets what is rightfully owed to them, a hot 30 year old woman, both of them should be shamed and crucified! There is no end to the sickening of the liberal! And these Fuckstains think that a 30 year old woman sleeping with a 15 year old male with ruin their mind. RUIN THEIR MIND??? Are you kidding me? As if all the things that happened to me in middle school did not ruin my mind! As if all the bullying and degeneracy and forced homosexuality did not ruin my mind? The gall and the audacity of these people to claim they know anything about the human mind! These fucks, these liberals shitstains, think that a 30 year old woman's beauty would ruin my mind, but sexual frustration, homosexuality, thoughts of old fat disgusting men raping me, is perfectly ok, acceptable, part of growing up!!!!! They all, all, deserve damnation!!!!!!!

So I said to myself, after crying in my pillow full of tears, I said to myself maybe I am not white enough. Who am I, but a half-breed negro mongrel, to expect the purity of the white woman. That is what I said to myself, and so, the tiger in the jungle, I watched, and I waited. Waited to see just who this woman would marry. Of course, she marries a redneck, why wouldn't she. So I scout out my options. See the mongrels, the mixed girls, just like me. But apparently I am not good enough for them. Not good enough. She marries a white man for his money, and after a year she cannot stand him. Cannot stand him, so she murders him in cold blood. What jewry. And I began to realize, my genetics are not inferior to them, but would be doing them a service! Even unto the white woman, would be doing a service! For the white woman has begun the decent into dumbnation, even at a steeper incline than the black barbarian! Liberal cuckification and censorization is even a more effective "dumbing agent" than rap!

Really, I've tried to give blacks time and time again to prove themselves. They never have. I go onto black supremacist forums and see what they have to say. Black supremacists, want to murder all whites and call them the "white devil". Black supremacists talk in broken English 90% of the time. And most of them believe in God and Xianity. Those that don't speak in broken English, have this broken, primitive kind of sounding prose. So let me get this straight, blacks are the superior race because they suck at writing, suck at logic, and are murderous assholes? And these same blacks will call me a house nigger, simply because I don't want to be raped by rap music for 1000 years. Simply because I praise and accept the true goditude of the whites, whites like Mozart, whites like John Carmack, whites like John Williams, whites like the whites who invented the computer, Lego, and society. Without these whites, civilization or higher things would not even be possible. Blacks expect to rudely boss me around, humiliate me, and never do me any favors, and then expect me to serve their sorry community - a community where their very music instills fear to my very bones.

Expecting a black person to make a decent videogame is like expecting a gib, a random piece of flesh, to make a decent videogame. They can kept spouting and pouting "muh systemic oppression" over and over till the cows come home. But the fact is, Game Maker exists, it was 20$, there is a very specific reason blacks don't ever make any good games. Because most blacks are dumb, only a couple are smart, and the smarties are so sparse they can never get any momentum together to work with another because they are lazy. All blacks are lazy, even the smart ones. Then you will say "oh muh systemic oppression, muh oppression" even though Game Maker exists and was 20$. Yet, they never buy it. Guess 20$ is too big an investment for a Gentile to make something that isn't trash. Guess all gentiles want is repetitive looped beats to where they can vent their anger at being inferior. Not even comics are allowed to say the facts. If I was a stand up Comic I'd be banned off the stage. Society has hit the dumps when not even clowns are allowed to say it like how it is. You keep trying to hurt me and call me rude names like "racist". What does that word even mean? Are the facts racist? Is 2+2=4 racist? If a black company actually ever makes a videogame worth playing, I'll change my views. Until that day, I'll call it like I see it. It's so sad when clowns think they are pushing the boundaries of political correctness by posting pictures of man-spreading online. Politics, root word, polite. Politics is the rudest thing there is. Laws against nature telling people what to do.

If I go into the woods, armed with a shotgun, and I shoot a deer because I am hungry. Some politically correct, faggot liberal will politely tell me I am under arrest. How is that not rude? And declare I need a permit for my rights given to me by the Sun. Meanwhile, this faggot, idiot liberal will do nothing to stop wars and wear a stupid bumper sticker saying "Support muh troops" next to a Star of David. America has been overrun by the Jews. If I am in the woods, minding my own business, and this naked girl comes out of nowhere and starts kissing me, and I get a boner, and have sex with her, some faggot liberal will come out of nowhere and handcuff me. Then the queer will call me evil, and tell me that she is 17.99 years old. And that I am evil, but if I had waited one day to have sex with her, I would be A-ok, a good person and poor me, the rules are the rules. I do not give a fuck about false rules by the Jew. My natural mind works on my Aryan sense, a general sense of right and wrong. If a girl is 15,16,17,18,19, 20 who knows. I am not an evil pedophile for having sex with a girl who is 17.99 years old. A 15 year old looks the same as a 20 year old. Who knows how old they are. I am a Pagan and I'm not gonna ask for her paperwork like some cuckold stupid faggot who is subserviant to Xians and Jews. The only thing I know is that pedophilia makes me sick to my stomach. Healthy human beings are attracted to fertile teenage females. Could be 16,17,18,19 who knows. Pedophiles are sick degenerates who lust for 8 year olds. There is something wrong with their minds and it makes me sick to my stomach. It is the nature of the Jew to pit tribe against tribe, to warn of "slippery slopes" like George W. Bush who was a Jew and agent of Jewry. Through the slippery slope of 911, feds now have the ability to rape us and tap our private phone calls.

The threat of slippery slope, and the threat of the pedophile is real though. This is the threat of Xian religion. When an entity has been brainwashed to believe that the Bible is the only valid source of morality, when something pokes through it's framework, such as fags having the right to marry, it becomes an all or nothing deal. The entity is not governed by nature, but rules and books. Pedophilia isn't declared illegal because it makes it feel sick to its stomach, but because a book says so. Pedophilies aren't killed on the spot, or castrated after they rape your own daughter, because a book says so. The book limits all instincts because it says there is a reward for doing so, in the book. Pedophiles are treated the same as someone who had consentual sex with a teenager, why because the book says so, According to the book, someone who has consentual sex with a 17.99 year old is as evil as someone who rapes an 8 year old, and if we don't treat them these two same, it's is slippery slope to encourage future pedophiles to exist. Must claim slippery slope in the manner of doomsaying, keep them in fear. My advice is, stick to your guts. There is an inherent Aryan sense of right and wrong, we don't need rules and books and Jewry to govern ourselves. There is an inherent sense that stealing is wrong, and an inherent sense that not castrating people who rape 8 year olds is wrong. Why should 8 year olds be raped by them over and over, and why should they continue to be tormented by unsatisfied sexual cravings? Only the jew and retarded liberal would say castration is evil, why because a book says so. And circumcision is good, why because a book says so, and because it is "tradition", even though it causes excruciating torture and pain to good people who never did anything wrong. Jewry.

The Kiditutude
Iambigdufus, seems to call everyone kids as his go to insult. He seems to have no respect for Billy the Kid or Aryans. The Aryan feature is to have a child like face and chubby cheeks. Men of old, actors from the 50's were incredibly handsome compared to the barbarians we have today. It is no coincidence than Iambigdufus is fascinated with modern movies and makes 600 pages of it. The degeneration of society makes him feel ripe. One of the Aryan features is to have a kind of childlike serenity, such as the music of Mozart and quiet pastoralism and a kind of strong feminity. This feminity is volatile and if it is off balance, becomes a rage. The weakness of the Aryan is to be disturbed by loud noises. An Aryan is like a soup or lego set, it is easily lost and broken in a world full of Jews. The Aryan must be given a helping hand from it's fellow Aryans. Humpty Dumpty is a story about an Egg, an Aryan, who became corrupted by Jews. I have said it before and I'll say it again, Aryans can be naive and easily jewed. Americans have been jewed for 50 years and jews started the war in the middle east, part of their plan to get Aryans to fight other Aryans endlessly. Nixon and Bush are as Jew as can be. Don't confuse a childlike angelic face to be the same as some fat gentile bulldog barbarian, or baby faced lumbersexual Jew. They are totally different genetic types, almost opposites.

The Jew gets laid with ease and infects itself upon the White population. Thus most whites have the dormant Jew in them. If a White becomes a crackhead it starts to lose it's Aryan traits and it's Jew traits start to become it's main traits. Therefore the very definition of the Jew is the crackhead, though Jews are more intelligent than crackheads.

Remember, star trek autism. All humans are the same and have the same bodies and brains, reflected in fashion. All clothing the same just like our brains, rank determined by level of obedience to the autism. If I say that one race, the Aryan race, is superior to the others, and that Japanese Aryans are in turn, superior to Egyptian Aryans, I am a "remnant of the past", a "subpar human", a human using their "illogical instincts of racism." All humans are more equal than me, I am less and substandard compared to all the equal humans. Why? Because I don't obey and all who don't obey are less than equal. But if you obey, you suddenly become equal again. If I say that humans have different bodies and brains I am being illogical. But if I say that humans are all the same, using magical powers to overcome their genetic codes, I am using my logical brain, and a hero of the masses.

So far, blacks have not made any good videogames, not because of their smaller brains, but because blacks simply want to get back at the whites who enslaved them 300 years ago, by punishing the whites to make black videogames, and black music, as unentertaining as possible. This is why the word "revolting" was made, blacks are all secret geniuses, even though they have smaller brains, making rap music to "revolt". Anyone who agrees that all beings are equal is an enlightened sage and genius. Anyone who says dogs are dumber than humans is a simpleton from the past. Even though the scientific facts say that blacks have smaller brains, racists ignore the facts because they are evil and evil people ignore the facts even though half the facts are lies made by Jews. If I say the media lies and is ran by Jews, I am delusional and mentally ill. The media does not lie, and no jews run the media. There is no reason to hate the people who run the world, since the world is peachy keen, perfectly fine. It is not enough that I have a pet chiuhuaha, and feed it tacos and gourmet food. For saying the pet chiuhaha is not equal to me I must be punished. It is not enough that I hug and pet and give the chiuhaha a mate. I must be evil for not partaking in it's food, listening to the rap music of the chihauha, and evil for not saying my brain is the same as the brain of the chihuaha. And all the people who cut off the balls of the chihauha, put it on a leash, and when it disobeys, puts it in the pound, are good, people, because they believe the chihauha is "equal" to humans but does not even treat it the same as other humans. These humans are geniuses, enlightened beings even. Humans who cannot detect sarcasm are even bigger geniuses. Humans who shitthrow and take things out of context, sages of the earth. I am glad the world is full of them.

I am robbed by the Jews of what is rightfully mine. The way of the Jew is to pit tribe against tribe, has the whites so busy fighting each other that they don't see the Jew in the room. I should have been made King or Queen of the blacks. I should have been given my rightful inherentance to 5 black slaves. We would have created a business together. These black slaves I would have made rich beyond their wildest dreams. We would have made fashionable clothes, to bring Aristocracy back to the degenerate Americans. We would have made ornate and fashionable garments. And then we would have produced Hollywood films. But the Jews don't want that to happen. They want to hold you down and rape you with mediocrity. This is so the males will be so sick and tired of their homeland that they sign up to enlist and die in Aryan vs. Aryan wars. All people who have higher taste are called racist and their businesses destroyed by the Jews. This is the Jewmerica the jews wanted all along. They say at KT we are all nodding heads. When 2+2=4 enters the room we all nod our heads to that. But that is where the nodding stops. I am not a carbon copy of Manniquin, neither is Satyr. If you cannot admit that blacks are stupid that shows you cannot admit to truths. I have black friends who agree that blacks are stupid. If you cannot even do that you are a subpar philosopher. Most are histrionic liars. The one who goes around with 0 black friends, 0 jew friends, 0 tranny friends, is always the biggest politically correct liberal retard of the pack telling everyone else how evil they are. The Jewry of their minds is too much to bear.

The main difference from the transsexual and the cucksexual is that when the cucksexual sees female beauty, it views it with excessive respect, feeling an unworthyness of it. Though the female form IS superior to the male form, it should not be respected unless the brain of the female inside it is worthy. And this is where the transsexual comes in. A transsexual feels a jealousy and envy towards the female. The trans entity loves the female and wants to be her, similar to the magnetic force of a spirit trying to possess and enter bodies. In short, unlike the typical male who wants to merge it's genitals with the female, the transsexual wishes to merge its soul into the female's mind and become (and control) her mind.

There seems to be an inherent feminization tendency to the human being, but not a homosexualization tendency. It seems natural for human males to be envious of the female, but not envious of the homosexual. Largely this is because of the hippocampus. A human fetus always begins as female, but its choice of beauty is in the hippocampus. The female Aryan form, has and will always be the superior human form. It feels as though thehuman is both genetically hardwired to appreciate, and morph into this form. Homosexuals, remain homosexuals because quite simply, they are degenerates who do not really hold the female form dear to their hippocampus. When I say Homosexual, someone may counter-argue that Drag Queens hold the female form dear to their hippocampus, but I do not view Drag Queens, or femboys, or ladyboys, as true classic homosexuals. Cuckservatives and liberals I believe are the closest thing we have to classic homosexuals, and I would be suprised if any of them are actually hetero. Even the fag - I mean, um philosopher, Milo Fagopolis, is unsure of his own sexuality, says he has to bang 1 hot girl a year just to "make sure" he is gay...Right...Because "straight" people, bang 1 hot dude every year, to "make sure" they are straight...Right?

The battle of the Aryan is the battle of the beast. One of the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Aryan is their preponderancy to rage. Did Jesus flip over tables, or did he sit idly by, discussing things over books and rules? Jesus was most certainly more Aryan than he was Jew. An Aryan, due to laws made by an unjust society, must continually fight their own rage to avoid punishment by the society ran by Jews Gentiles and Barbarians. The Aryan Rage is a function of nobility. Aryans get upset and feel dirty when distasteful things happen. This is the natural rage reflex of morality. Jews have so far supressed this in themselves and the gentile that it is non-existent. A Jew is so busy scheming that you can push all of his buttons and he won't even react in the slightest, even on the inside, because he already has 5000 moves set in stone and will not stray from his scheming plan. People seem to have an identity crisis - who is their real selves? Due to the mongrelization of mankind, people can't figure out their true essence. And I tell you this, your true essence is whoever you were at the middle school lunch table. Who did you sit with, what were your thoughts, and what did you talk about? That is the truest proximity to your true self as it's ever gonna be. You can tell an Aryan by their tendency to righteous rage, for example, Alex Jones is a textbook Aryan. Society, ran by Jews and Jewry, defines Aryans as mental illness itself. How racist can you be when you define an entire race as the definition of mental illness? I don't know a single true Aryan the Jews haven't tried to brainwash, punish, and medicate. Like I said, the Jews are the most racist of all races.

The battle of the Aryan is the battle of rage. The Aryans are the creators of civilization. The Aryans are simultaneously both the meanest and the nicest people you will ever meet. The Aryan must weight in their rage for their love of civilization. There must a middle grounds. Anything else may be used against them by the Jews. If I lock a dog in a cage for 10 weeks, barely feeding it, abusing it, mocking it, for 10 weeks, then let it out, and suprised that it bites me, I would be an idiot, buffoon, moron and simpleton. Yet these people do the same to Aryans and wonder why they rage. How could it have happened, they say. Could it have happened because they are idiots, morons, buffoons and simpletons.

The Aryan has childlike purity and wisdom. You can see this purity in their chubby cheeks, and this wisdom in their daily lives. Who believes in the power of the gun? The child loves to play with guns. Who believes in right and wrong, but not rules? The child. Only when the child grows older, gets brainwashed and cucked by books and Jews, does it begin to lose it's childlike wisdom and purity. It face begins to morph into ugly barbarians or wicked Jews. It begins to understand ethics from books, rather than ethics from heart. It begins to try to make reasons, liberal fucktarded reasons, of why banning guns somehow "protect us" for the greater good, the good of the unconscious SuperOrganism comprised of a cesspool of idiots. And they tell us how freedom is less valuable than the expanding cancer known as the SuperOrganism. If you are Aryan you can be expected to be banned censored and butchered by jealous Jews for your views. An Aryan is a Dream character, a Ysera, disjointed and disobedient to any and all rules, working for the greater good rather than the Jew good.

A black needs a leader because he cannot rule himself, even a smart black has no talent or prose, refusing to apply themself without a leader telling them to, the only black that can do science was the guy who invented peanut butter and a couple others, 3 out of 500 blacks are intelligent. Instead of ruling the Whites, I should be make King and Queen of Africa so I can save blacks and bring them to Salvation. But the Jews will not have that, they say I am "evil" because I want to save blacks from drinking mud water and shooting themselves with ak47s anymore.

I began to realize the divine reason Satan had put me here. My transgenderism, was a metaphor to open my eyes to the metaphor of a fat autistic man, like a Michael Moore, being trapped in the wrong body. The horror of it is that he is too dumb to even know he is in the wrong body, too dumb to know that he is a genetic mutation that isn't in the right body. Normally, fat pacifist fucks like him would have died off to natural selection, but the beauty of the DNA machine is that he can have evolved genetic code without having to suffer countless cycles of death and rebirth to actually be beautiful or intelligent. I began to see the Satanic metaphor of it all, and began to realize that my own suffering was to instruct me to save others from their suffering, and to give them their medicine even if they are too dumb fearful or weak to accept their medicine without spitting it back out. That my purpose here was to cleanse the genetic filth from this world, legally and non-violently, by peacefully introducing the DNA machine into the world, and allowing fat, autistic genetic mutations like Michael Moore, to be "baptized" unto the genes of Aryan beauty and intelligence. For God so loved the Barbarians that he gave his only begotten Sun. Luciferian doctrine.

The damage of society, is already too irreversible. They have shown studies that unhealthy environment damages the DNA. We cannot undo the curse of mediocrity. Degenerate gentiles will breed unto themselves as a cesspool. The memetic virus has taken hold even upon the Aryans and Aryans are fighting amongst themselves. This is a hopeless battle but as the battle rages on there is a secret solution. The DNA machine. Each new generation is a cancer, almost 1 million years of evolution down the drain, but with the DNA machine it can all be reversed and we can reclaim the millenias of evolution we have lost again. For now, we watch Final Fantasy, Anime, Aryan cartoons and Pagan shows, until the day comes.
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