I am the biggest feminist there is.

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I am the biggest feminist there is.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:59 pm

I want a woman who is strong, tall, and tells me what to do and makes me wear girls clothes. I want her to force me to get on my knees and service her and forces me to do all her commands and ties me up and does things to me whether I like it or not. I want her to make me a total sissy and force me to make pancakes for her at breakfast and then she plays with my hair and tells me what a good sissy I am. I want her to be so tall that I feel short. I want her to be so strong that I am no match for her and I have to let her dominate me in the bedroom. I want to be her submissive sex slave that she spanks and slaps when she is having a bad day whom she can take out all her anger on as long as she wipes away the tears. I am down with being a cuck, long as she makes me sleep with hot lesbians and long as the she brings me hot guys that aren't dumb that I won't regret after. I am the biggest feminist there is I want women to be more strong and powerful than everybody else. Only thing I ask is that a bitch doesn't mess with my finances. I believe in true love, fact is Joker was right, the world is turning into the transactory prostitutive nature of women. I want a woman who loves me not thinks of me like a walking atm machine.

I am down with equality as a matter of fact in My Little Pony season 6 i even teamed up with the princess of equality (Equality Princess was a villian of the show.) She was a liar who didn't really believe in equality, just wanted more power for herself. How could this be? I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded even. Couldn't possibly be anything like earth, couldn't possibly be that modern feminism also didn't actually want equality, just wanted power for themselves. It's just not possible.

I want equality. I want women to give equally love to males as they do money. I want gender equality. I want males to have as many sexual opportunities as females. I want true gender equality. I want to be able to eat at a restaurant with some dude's wife, and not have her tell me she can't do it because I am male. I am sick and tired of feminists who punish us for not believing they are about gender equality, yet say things like "Oh, I don't go out with males, I only have female friends." Its total bullshit, how can you only have female friends but then shame people and call them "sexists"? What a load of shit. When I run this world, which I will, I am going to convert everyone into hot lesbians so we can put an end to this frustration, hypocrasy, and bullshit.

I litterally want to turn everyone into hot lesbians yet I am banned deleted and censored by the feminists. The feminists are liars hypocrits and theives. They shall not be erected statues of when I become global leader of Earth. They will be nothing but a bad memory as we begin to enjoy the same freedoms of the females and the same beauty of the females, as life was meant to be.
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