notes from the day before.......

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notes from the day before.......

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:53 pm

I have been reading posts of late that have called for Genocide and
other actions against people who the poster is against... most
calls for actions like this are against Liberals.......

especially notable is the call against PC and I note this is simple because
the person against PC wants the ability to be able to harass and threaten
and abuse people they don't approve of... The call against PC is so you can
call a liberal names and threaten them with hate messages and violence......

you want the freedom to be able to insult whomever you feel has threaten you...
and that at the heart of this is the problem.... Those who are against Liberals
and minorities feel threaten by them, thus the hate and anger and vitriol against
liberals and minorities........ read those posters like Wyld and Ucci and Turd
and Trixie and you see anger and hatred and they threaten violence and they spew
hate speech against any who they think is not ideological pure, I.E liberals
and minorities......... They blame liberals for America not being ideological pure,
as Trixie would call it, Aryan......... These haters often bring up race and racism
calling liberals racist and other vile name and yet, yet, they don't mention
their role in all this.... The haters like Wyld and Turd and UCCI never mention
their role in the hate and word violence that occurs on ILP... They just accuse other
of those actions and yet, read the post, read the post and you will see the truth is,
the reality is the haters use the word violence and hate speech to denounce
any they don't approve of...... They want to be able to make fun of the disable
and the disadvantage and the poor and minorities and those they don't approve of......

they want complete freedom of speech to attack those they don't approve of...
they never mention this.... and soon after they get their "right" to word attack
and word violence people, they will feel even more entitled to physically attack
people... and that is the next step..... physical violence toward people
and actions like genocide and attempts to physically end the live of
those who are not ideological pure will begin.... I have read how the
haters have advocated the death of liberals and others who aren't ideological
pure and they will feel embolden and empower to do just that... physical attacks
on liberals and minorities and the disable will increase many times over because
hate and haters have become embolden because of Herr Trumpf....... and that is the
real tragedy of this election..... they have used lies like the lies that Obama
is the worse president in history and give pretend facts and all the while
this is a cover for what is really happening and that is they are haters.....
and they hate anyone different then them.... the haters want everyone to be
exactly like them.... conform to the standard set by the haters....... ideological
pure americans because then America will be great again..... and the truth
is the haters have no vision, no grand plan, no idea what do to next....
because they hate and that is all they have...hate and anger.....and America
will suffer and fail and slowly begin the death spiral of all civilizations......
the haters want to hold everyone else accountable for the suppose failings
of America and yet, they never hold themselves accountable because they
feel they are the ideological pure ones and that exempts them from any
accountability and self examination......the haters never think they might
be the problem with America, it is everyone else who isn't ideological pure......
it is always the liberals or the minorities or the disable or the weak that
is bringing America down but the reality is quite different and the haters
cannot see that because they are blinded by their hate, blinded by their anger....
the haters will never think of themselves as being accountable for anything,
it is always someone else.....someone different then the haters......
the haters think that if America had everyone think the same ideological
pure beliefs as the haters, America will be great again........ it won't be.....
and the haters will in fact hasten the fall of America...... it is a shame because
I like America and I believe in what it stands for.... but the haters hate
and will accuse me of all kinds of crimes against humanity because the haters
cannot accept anyone different then themselves and they cannot
do anything but hate and they blame everyone else for all the problems
in America........and in fact, blame everyone else for the problems in their lives,
of course it is the liberals fault that you are being held down in a crappy job or
have a crappy live or aren't a millionaire... it is never your is those
pesky liberals of minorities or the political correct crowd that your life is crappy....

so we have the reason for the hate and anger against liberals and Obama....

and it is a shame........ I am old and know well my faults...
and I don't blame anyone for my failures.......... I work on improving
myself every single day..... haters just hate and blame everyone else....
see the difference?

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security
wind up with neither."
"Ben Franklin"
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