The internet is the prime hedonism.

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The internet is the prime hedonism.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:44 pm

Though I don't respect moderns and females, I still firmly believe that the best utopia would be an asian village of lesbians with a small amount of technology.
The internet has made us hard in spirit and unable to appreciate the works of other human beings. While I had the internet, I played people's games and it felt like a chore, like it was attacking my consciousness with mediocrity. I played them for 5 minutes, got frustrated and moved on to other things. But without the internet I have actually been able to see the beauty of the hard work of other human beings and see them as people, just trying to share their art and dreams with other people. *tears building up in eyes*

I have sat down and actually played other human being's game maker games. It was beautiful, I actually valued them as a human being and I felt wonderful and happy again. But with the internet, you just browse through it like it is trash and garbage. It is a hedonism of an American unnapreciative of everything. When you have everything, how can you appreciate anything? It all feels like a bombardment. Instead of a romance, it feels like a rape. The internet has made us hard as a rock and our hearts hard as a rock.

But perhaps this hardness is a needed evil. The SJWs will ignore all of my wisdoms and teachings. The SJWs will never take a break from the internet, even though all the internet does is offend them. If we get too soft on society, society will just diarrea out rules and regs in our faces and take away our freedom. We need to bring back bullying and hard criticism into society, before society bullies us into submission and takes away our freedom and dignity any more than it already has.

Now is not the time to disable the internet, it is a needed toxin which will make us stronger for the fight for freedom. But in some future utopia, I would say it would be a village of lesbians, and just a couple of videogames made every now and then so we can appreciate their novelty. And it is a simple zen village of peaceful serenity and building walls, bricks and logs like civilization. Rice tofu sushi and occassional rice pudding desert, as she kisses you on the ears goodnight, then sleeps in the same bed as you and makes love to you, unlike a modern girl who would kiss you then not cuddle that evening because she doesn't care about you as a person and could care less. Monogomy is made, so that smart people don't get laid. Smarts just horde their (one) woman and dont let other smarts breed with them, this infighting is precisely how the retards not only breed freely, but also cuck the smarts of their own women. This is no utopia and it's not even a savage garden. This is a place without culture, grace, or nature, it is an abyss.
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