Virtual Particles

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Virtual Particles

Postby MechanicalMonster » Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:02 am

These are supposedly particles that are "not real (enough)" compared to "real" particles but exist in a sense that they are assumed to carry "forces" from place to place. To move "forces" is supposed to require the existence of a whole bunch of virtual particles which "may or may not "actually" exist", according to physics (in reality, physics is not concerned with rather they "actually" exist or not…).

Anyone have insight into virtual particles or can explain them better?
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Re: Virtual Particles

Postby MechanicalMonster » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:03 pm

They seem to be mathematical assumptions in order to allow a "force" to move from one physical location to another physical location. The assumption is that gravity, for instance, moves from one particle of mass to another because in-between those particles is a series of virtual particles (in this case, bosons) which "transfers" the force from one location to another. (Note in this explanation the force itself is only a state of the background energy field partially coalescing in a particular location, with trade-offs between temporal duration, mass, velocity and angular momentum supposedly able to allow for conservation of energy and angular momentum, in most cases). The particle is said to be virtual because it is only a partial manifestation of the background field from which the particles themselves came. Thus when virtual particles form they are short-lived, and are like "waves" of a broader energetic field that is propagating a force from here to there.

The assumption of virtual particles is needed to make the math work out, apparently, to transfer potential energy around, and quantum field theory is able to supply the basis for claiming that such mathematical postulates are reflections of reality itself (as QFT claims that QM probability waves do not literally exist but are only "mathematical functions", it becomes much easier to reify one's math terms as "the reality itself").
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Re: Virtual Particles

Postby Fixed Cross » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:10 am

It seems to me like the entropy of physics itself.
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Re: Virtual Particles

Postby James S Saint » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:27 pm

I have always taken their "virtual particles" to mean "as if a particle" of a specified (yet modifiable) amount or quantity.

For some reason they insist on quantizing everything imaginable, even "fields". I don't really know if that is due to socio-political issues (which account for many other things they insist on) or that they simply can't comprehend the infinities. Or perhaps both.

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RM:AO uses "Afflates" to emulate portions of the Affectance field (Affectance Oblate). An Afflate is basically a "virtual particle" in that an afflate is a chosen small portion of the affectance field and treated as though it is a fix quantity as it passes through the field of millions of other afflates. In combination, they form the "Affectance ocean" from which actual particles arise. But the choice of affectance quantity for an afflate is arbitrary. Choosing different sizes affects the final precision of any precise calculations being made (usually a result of statistical calculations) but has no affect upon the logic of why particles form and behave the way they do. Choosing a larger afflate merely causes the resultant meta-particle to be larger on the screen.
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