Evolution Q: Why Aren't Branches Shaped Like I Beams?

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Evolution Q: Why Aren't Branches Shaped Like I Beams?

Postby The Golden Turd » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:19 pm


Shouldn't we get seeing evidence of trees starting to develop I-Beam like branches to support all it's weight by now, or are humans just shitty engineers and trees know better?

I notice many plants have very highly efficient leaf patterns, it's one of the ways they calculate how advanced a leaf's efficiency is.

Why should leaf efficiency be so dramatically emphasized, and not the fucking branches that hold say leaves? I see branches everywhere in the woods snapper the fuck off. Seems like random mutation would have a smaller and more efficient path forward "evolving" better brancesthan it does in better leaves, but our best reproducing trees seem to disagree.

Would you rather have 30 Watt solar cells on a incredibly shoddy, easily snapped pole that can only hold a medium amount, or some 15 Watt solar cells on pole able to hold 5x the amount and laughs off hurricanes intact?

Seems like a higher gain scenario, and requires less evolutionary maintance once the mutation is achieved, but trees say fuck dashit, we was shaky snappy branches with super leaves.... leaves that fall off ever fucking year.

Trees, u stoopids. Survival of the Indifferent. You got the cost-benifit ratios all wrong.

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