An Introduction to Job

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Re: An Introduction to Job

Postby alyoshka » Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:47 am

Where I would glorify the flesh you would stress its dirtiness, as if this is a bad thing. You would emphasize the spiritual and the heavenly over the physical and the earthly.

This may be good sense, for a lot of bodies are filthy and dirty. A lot of souls have done terrible things and so are filthy. The soul itself is the union of dirt and spirit and so we are all dirty in a deeply original way.

But here is the thing: Of its filthiness our body (and soul) must certainly be cleansed. Regarding its dirtiness however our body (and soul) must be glorified. Not only because of the greatness of our maker but because of the greatness inherent in earth itself and our own greatness.

We are not to "shrug off the clay that embalms us" but rather we are to stand naked before God and reveal to God what clay, and the human being that the clay has become with God's spirit, is capable of. Like Job we must call God to judge our worth.

Our dirtiness in this sense is to be affirmed just as our spiritualness is. It is our filthiness that is to be denied. The things that we have done or failed to do.

Finally, Thomas proves that Jesus is still flesh and blood by doubting and touching the resurrected Jesus' wounds.
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Re: An Introduction to Job

Postby Amorphos » Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:37 am

The dirt corresponds to memory which dies with the brain. I guess we just have very different kinds of spirituality, so I‘ll leave you to yours and consider it further.

Finally, Thomas proves that Jesus is still flesh and blood by doubting and touching the resurrected Jesus' wounds

This could be synthesised, certainly in my experience of spirit it feels slightly different but is equally as tactile as what we feel in the flesh. In fact I’d go so far as to say that when you touch someone 99% of what you feel is of the spirit not the body I.e. is subjective experience of the physical thus is mental/spiritual.

Again I don’t wish to make detriment to your religion, I am merely making contrasts to further my own. :)
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