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Re: God and Science

Postby Prismatic567 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:58 am

phyllo wrote:
With such a link and cause-effects factors between the two, any concerned citizen of humanity must strive to find the root causes and seek solutions.
The cause is that people pursue their own agendas with total disregard for others. Which is also what you are doing.
What is your proof for this?

My approach is as a concerned citizen of humanity I strive [within my competences, i.e. philosophy, religion/spirituality, problem-solving techniques and others] to find the root causes and seek solutions to the problems faced by humanity.

The solution is in focusing on what humans have in common but instead the focus is turned towards differences.
Your views seem to be twisted.
The approach to a solution is driven by alternatives and optimal problem-solving techniques.
If the technique require commonality, then we focus on what is common, and if it requires finding out differences or promoting differences than we focus on the differences.

In this particular case of problem-solving the main starter is to trace to the ultimate root and all secondary causes. We have not even agree on what is the ultimate root and secondary causes yet, and I have not presented any full encompassing solutions, so how did you arrive at the idea the focus in towards differences? You need to give more supporting arguments to be credible.

Here is a demonstration of inherent morality in Capuchin Monkeys;


If Capuchin in their natural evolution has some sense of justice [moral standard] then we can infer humans up the highest levels would have a greater potential of natural impulse for morality plus those developed from our collective consciousness.
I am a progressive human being, a World Citizen, NOT-a-theist and not religious.
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