The Role of Scumbag Racist Posing as Religious Expert

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The Role of Scumbag Racist Posing as Religious Expert

Postby The Golden Turd » Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:46 pm

What is the role in theology of scumbag racists in Theology?

In the US, we have the original Nazi Party, who for along time maintained a Head Quarters in Washington, DC. Their leadership eventually moved to a secluded compound in New Bern, Wisconsin, and call themselves a "spiritual movement". They don't appear to possess anything resembling spirituality, other than insisting somehow white people magically possess it in greater quality, of a type, beyond that of others, and this is reason enough to persecute them.

We also have in the middle east ISIS attacking Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, and every other sect one can imagine, these sects often are ethnically based, survivors of earlier civilizations.

In Canada, we have Prismatic 567 freely scapegoating Islam, claiming that Muslims who grew up in Canada are not Canadian enough for his tastes, and launches rouse after rouse to constantly denigrate them through antiquated, rarely read and even rarer understood texts. He resorts to trickery to suppress any defence against of Muslims, I myself am not on quick to come out in defence of Islam or Canada, but I felt myself compelled to do so, as he was clearly lacking a mockery of so called western values, which includes tolerance and cmunity intergration, education and awareness of your fellow citizens.... These are the ideals started in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, I could even point to the Dutch Influence for the idea of universal tolerance, which began centuries ago.

I started watching the movie on YouTube called "Hitler", have not finished it, rather long, and saw further continuation of this trend. I see it in Nizam al Milk, a later secular work on statecraft that isolated and expelled the idea of legitimacy for a pluralistic society.

We live now in a very liberal era, where toleration of race and creed iscouning under considerable duress. It is one thing for a multiethnic state to claim control over it's immigration, it is another for a minority voice of hatred to twist the intentions of their neighbors, most respectable of neighbors, by supplanting their free will, positing it with the quotations of the darkest moments in their distant hereditary history. An inherited darkness that only a historian can see and twist out of proportions isn't makings of either the man of faith or his religion, his choices and beliefs in the present moment are. This is what constitues a religion. Are we to go back to the era of Catholics and Protestants chasing one another down in the streets,of zealot armies killing their neighbors, only for the cause and reason not to be understood a generation later? Shall we have to resort to Leviathans to suppress the living daylights out of such men, and their sickening ambitions?

As many of you know, I separate a past philosopher from his flock, I don't accuse modern philosophers "following" of actually golliwig, they "follow" stemming from their own needs and ambitions. There is no lover of history greater than I in philosophy in our era, and I'm catching up on those historians who know more than I do on the history of religion. I see much I dislike in Islam, but overwhelmingly see far too much that is good and similar to the very best of our own thinkers. I blame Muhammad as much as I blame Buddha at the end of the day for the actions of the empires that profess their creeds.... The idea of empire and of jurispudence is a entirely different cognitive phenomena that would exist with or without those creeds, the generation of such ideas far preceded modern religions, and empires are inevitably cruel in nature in their earliest if eras, when they have the most to learn, and administration and capacity to act humanely is a rely understood and most restricted.

I can say two things in response to Prismatics vile libel against all Muslims, I don't believe as many Muslims now insist that Muhammad was the highest man- how could I honestly say this as a Christian, but I can also say he generally meant well for the people he lead, a very brutal people, and did much to civilize and refine them.

Within a very short time, Arabs fully embraced the ideas of philosophy and wisdom as well as any Westerner could. I will not lie and say it was a repuluc of plurality, where everyone got along, there was considerable religious strife from the very beginning, but Muslims did not invent this concept either. Heck, western Christians were often worse at this, as bad as their pagan predecessors, no lesson learned from the crucifixtion of the lord in compassion and tolerance to those we perceive as threatening, as "other".

Islam has made advances since, many of their great theological schools in Cairo and Istanbul readily study the very nature of Jurisprudence, they explore other religions, study other cultures, philosophies, allow this to encourage their opinions. Learned scholars, Imams of these types are deeply valued by any philosopher, any true philosopher. I see far better worth to the brotherhood of man, of all creeds and ponderings from such men, from these thinkers than I will ever see from that darkness that rots in the souls of men who attack others through measures they neither identify with nor make use of.

Can a true Res Publica exist if it is continuously suppressed by bigots, turning it's population pogrom, scare by scare against one another? What is the use of laws if they can become a predatory tool used against us all, without restraint in prosecuting against liberty and earnest beliefs of any segment if the population for mere phantoms and suppositions dragged up from the decaying and forgotten pages of distant history? Shall all men now be persecuted for the crimes or offences of their ancestors? Should magistrates aid in the spread of libel and tyranny by asserting their mandate to persecute by the letter of the law? A Res Public is more than the laws of the state, but the spirit of the laws, the cotemplative powers of the mind that orders ideas, inspiring laws, by seeing the need for laws. When laws decay, it is because they fall out of the spirit of the law, become alienated to the community, because they either are misunderstood or become unbearable to continue in them.

A community animates this spirit, their consent and indulgence makes the laws worthwhile. Socrates was a member of a community, and submitted to it's supposed justice, for he saw Athens, for all its many flaws, including his persecution, was worthwhile. How well did later generations see such a ignorant prosecution as worthwhile? They didn't, try were sickened by it, began the slow road to change.

Islam has been walking this road to change for quite some time. Their best minds are every bit as enlightened and equal to our own here in the west. We should not seek to constantly ostrichize and suppress the, by dignigrating them, every man woman and child, to their worst in some distant far time. Today, ISIS rages, but it is easy to overlook most victims of its wrath are innocent Muslims. Most Islamic scholastics are increasingly sickened by their actions.

In desperation, men let any new ideas offered by soothsayers, wise men, or fools in. The wise are a inevitable minority, for it takes great experience and decades of study to arrive at the best ideas and convictions.

Fools run in far greater numbers, and with a little bit of twisted learning, in a era of fear, and wreck the most havoc upon society.

Muslims make as good of a citizen, of neighbors, as any other when embraced and brought up as members of the community. I point to London, with its Muslim Mayor. You embrace them, their natural personality and strengths will be added to society, their ambitions will benifit, their children will intermarry, wealth will mingle with ours, intellects will be added.

I'm opposed fanatically to the reemergence of another dark age of pogroms. I oppose Nietzsche for I saw the results of a thousand year war between Shia and Sunni did not result in a glorious society, in a masterrace or higher men.... it resulted in pettiness, brutal poverty and sickness, widespread birth defects and ignorance, of neighbors killing neighbors. That is the very opposite of a Res Publica. A strong society is one that comes together, produces dignified men who don't plant bombs under their neighbors houses. That was not Muhammad's damn vision, for all the shame I can heap upon the man, I know he didn't itend for his followers to breakup on nationalistic and tribal lines, he desired something akin to a Res Publica too. All humanity has reaped from this impulse to darkness is Pogroms, Sickness, and Death.... The Three Pillars of Weakness.

I stand oppose to mass attacks on Muslims in the west for similar reasons. It is one thing to refute.... Personal Attacks, Ad Homs, are mist certainly allowed and codified by Aristotle, they are only Libel when they are lied. I've spoken my truth, and I have the long line of my past conduct to point at this. I have dismissed Islamic practices when I have seen them as wrong, but don't long dwell on forgotten history or practices save when romantics try to resurrect them. What is in the past, is in the past. We learn from our mistakes in the study of history, but we still possess free will.

For Prismatic.... My state is West Virginia. You accused me of Libel, I challenge you to Sue me in the courts of my state. You'll find my country is far more discerning than yours in what constitutes free speech, and fair speech, I know some excellent lawyers, one a libertarian who ran for Congress, who from his nature I know hates all oppression and hatred of others. I will take you for all your earnings, and if miraculously you win, I have absolutely no property or earnings to offer in return.

As for Magsj, you've yet again encamped on the side of hatred in your false defence if this hate filled pig, for all the wrong reasons. He is actively preaching hatred against Muslims, what direction do you think his ideas can possibly go if successful? Shall we all scratch our chins and say "hummm"? No, it is aimed at secluding members of the body politick of a western society into seclusion, forcing them underground, to be publucally degraded, to be expelled for forced to renounce their religion. This is not what western societies do, it is the very opposite.

This forum has allowed a moderator to come out in support of hatred, stated for, Hitler in his heart, as evident in the message he preaches, to post his sick hatred, while hiding those mounting a defence. This is low and sickening Magsj, has no place in philosophy. Was I perverting the youth with my encouragement of critical thinking Magsj? Is it a crime to refute a thesis on a philosophy forum?

No, whatever your answer is, it is no. Prismatic has earned himself a timeless position in the annals of the the Philosophy of History, I promise you Prismatic you shall be immortalized forever in a chapter to incorrect methods for exploring history. Societies cannot beniffit from such rotten fools as you. If my statements hurt, they should, the foul accusations you make categorically of all Muslims ate unfounded and hurt them every bit as much.

The discourse, thediakectic can only be suppressed for a short time. I promuse you I shall have the final word on history when this history is concerned. No moderator can restrain the truth for long.

The role of scumbags like you are a simple one, your to be used as a illustrative example to others, and relentlessly have your positions ripped apart. For a Res Publica to exist, we must learn from our mistakes, not resurrect the worst. You represent two evilsthat threaten a good state, the willingness of many to mislabel and misrepresent minorities as targets, and for resurrecting dark ideas out of the forgotten mist of time,in their persecutions they are more likely to embrace such foul ideals and assume them as their identity, as something orthodox. Damn fools like you canonly pervert society and religion, are ignorant, lack the principled understanding how the best histories are written, in the highest standards, and curse further generations to follow in your sickening wake. Mankind does not benifit from such beerhall perversions, shouting hatred at the Jews, we did a little every time it occurs, we are tyrannized every time a voice of reason refuting it is suppressed.
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Re: The Role of Scumbag Racist Posing as Religious Expert

Postby Mr Reasonable » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:52 am

Religion and bigotry kind of go hand in hand.
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Re: The Role of Scumbag Racist Posing as Religious Expert

Postby omar » Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:06 am

Mr Reasonable wrote:Religion and bigotry kind of go hand in hand.

Nnnnnnn....not always. Monotheism is what you're thinking of but monotheism is but a chapter and not the whole book on religion.
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