The womans roles in an Organized Religion.

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The womans roles in an Organized Religion.

Postby Ultimate Philosophy 1001 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:38 am

The organ. Organized. Organ.
Sexual bodily organs. Love. Passion. Spirituality.

Monday. The rite of the Moon.

Trixie Doublemoons.
Night. Yin. Woman. Succulent Succotash Succubus.
S=Sex. Slime. Slither. Smooch. Smoothie. Sith. Sin(e).

On monday (moondays) the male must penetrate his girl in the bottom (the double moons).
The woman, shall submit to her male and embrace her submissivity.
Thus, through genetic modification, the woman must be impregnated through her moons (thus if the chid s conceived in darkness,
he shall be born unto Light.) And thus the baby shall be strong, like their improgenator.

On tuesdays (taco tuesdays) the man must be tied up, helpless.

The poor man's hands must be tied behind his back and his feet tied together,
while his erect penis is hard climbing into the heavens. (The Tuesday Ascension.)
The Taco (the taco of tuesday) his woman should ideally have wide hips, the holier she is the wider
her hips (holiness=feminine hormones and loving kind caring energies.) Thus the wider her hips
the healthier the baby shall be born.
Embracing her dominate feminine essence, she shall approach him in a confident, domineering manner.
Her Taco tuesday shall sit upon and devour his erect penis erected upon the heavens, and she shall
dominate him on Tuesday until his holy seed is sent unto the Taco heavens (Thus the Baby shall be born unto
a strong woman, and thus the Baby too shall be strong.)
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Re: The womans roles in an Organized Religion.

Postby MagsJ » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:27 pm

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