Elevate form over function to get at less easily articulable truths.


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Do you, by virtue of possessing grace in the natural order of things, feel above and beyond your fellow man?
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Re: drat

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D3R7 wrote:...

That avatar is so cute. Somehow it harmonizes well with your *drat*.

Drat!! I forgot to feed my cat and he ate my homework.
Really, teacher. [-o<

If I thought that everything I did was determined by my circumstancse and my psychological condition, I would feel trapped.

What we take ourselves to be doing when we think about what is the case or how we should act is something that cannot be reconciled with a reductive naturalism, for reasons distinct from those that entail the irreducibility of consciousness. It is not merely the subjectivity of thought but its capacity to transcend subjectivity and to discover what is objectively the case that presents a problem....Thought and reasoning are correct or incorrect in virtue of something independent of the thinker's beliefs, and even independent of the community of thinkers to which he belongs.

Thomas Nagel

I learn as I write!
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