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Re: What is Ethics? - a fresh, new approach

Postby thinkdr » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:46 am

The chapter on morality is 17 pages in length for good reason.

To summarize it would not do it justice.

You have permission though to republiish it as a hardcover book; then you will be able to turn the pages. :idea: { KT: Why not print it out, staple the pages, or bind them in some fashion, and then flip pages.}

The explanation entails being true to yourself, appreciating the various moral principles - of which I give a specific list - committing oneself to living up to those principles, and doing so, more and more, through the years (and with more of the principles): growing and developing morally, thus becoming more morally-healthy.

Hence kindness alone is not enough.

readers: Your views, and your reviews of the essay titled THE STRUCTURE OF ETHICS, are welcomed! [Click on first link below to learn about this new paradigm, and to judge its merit.]
:idea: For further reading and insight into the topics of Ethics check out these links, and thereby add to your reading enjoyment

[NEW] :!:
http://www.myqol.com/wadeharvey/PDFs/TH ... ETHICS.pdf

THE BREAKTHROUGH - We Can Get Along After All (2018)
http://myqol.com/wadeharvey/PDFs/BREAKT ... %20all.pdf

LIVING WELL: how ethics helps us flourish
http://www.myqol.com/wadeharvey/PDFs/LI ... ourish.pdf

BASIC ETHICS: a systematic approach


ETHICAL ADVENTURES http://wadeharvey.myqol.com/wadeharvey/PDFs/ETHICAL%20ADVENTURES.pdf

When you Google the following pdf selection you may wish to start with page 20 in order to skip the technicalities:
Marvin C. Katz - ETHICS: A College Course
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