Satori or below

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Satori or below

Postby Meno_ » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:41 pm

Is the concept of reincarnation plausible?

Given the idea that karma determines a station in life/death( if, presumably they are somehow connected), could it manifest in the way it would work?

Ok, lets say Your present life based on Your own participation to free YOURSELF from karmic cause and effect, (not only for yourself, but also for the myriad of predecessors who came before you,) whose karma are allegedly responsible for:your present state; could it be that your next station will better or worse in your next incarnation, do to these casual chains?

Let's assume that within the experiences we call 'life', animals and other organisms may also be included.

And again, let's assume that by messing up cause and effect big time , and meaning -messing up -falling drastically, or surfacing abruptly ,(.

For both are very much out of ordonary ordinary experience.

A lot of assumptions and primordial presumptions lead the way for either direction, for if the idea that one is responsible for the extreme form a for both directions , the present incarnation may be responsible for, the awareness that may leave the current holder totally unprepared to manage.

So if the fall is considered, then that fall and the repositioning of the identifiable aspects of it may not correspond to the conscious choice in the the assigned role.

Again, suppose, that a very heinous and terrible person degrades to the lowest moral identity possible, as an example he is a Hitler like mass murderer, and In his next life moral justification for a state of being as such , as member of the human race , mayb not suffice as a state of being in such an existence. He may be condemned to being a low level animal, an intelligent one like a swine.
Quite when newly born, it generally is bred to swather in dirt, and end at the end of a butcher's knife.

Does it intuitive it's fate, even at a minimum, and does that somehow lessen his motivation. to initiate an upward evolutionary direction? (By the supposed meritorious action of becoming fodder to higher human beings)

May well be that his evolution. could be very slow, and the lucky ones are those excellent specimens , who find themselves havens, such as zoos , where he dimly perceives himself as an unnoticably slow motivated animal sichbas a sloe.

Their existence will offer their it's own recompense, since the low level of consciousness will affect it as an anesthetic, by rewarding it with less conscious feeling toward the degree of pain involved in devoluting sense .
Pain of sense will form am equitable ring around the reward of devolution, and increasing pain , as this goes on, will accelerate the process, finally killing all sense of spatial temporal identity and recognition of situational criteria.

A very similar pain involved sudden elevation, and the most acute elevation. Includes the primary surge into the objective attainment of Satori on a subjective level.

The pain may be bacon to a birth, where the fetus hasn't break the primal bond with the uterus.

In that sense, each new birth may experience Sartori at the very inception of coming up from a dark cave, and the pain and the consciousness of light may be the primal characteristic of each new incarnation.

This is why certain exceptional children may be likened , by virtue of their keen maturity and am unusual degree of talent they appear to possess in their various endeavors.

Of the pain overwhelms them to a point where no amount of prior incarnation can justifies their primordial fears and hopes, they must be heading for an either / or course of total beravement - hell, without any possibility of salvation - or a state of absolute enclosure Inn the highest realm - heaven - , with no further need to disintegrate . if this is what goes on, then , rather have absolute lack of conscious motive to progress toward an upward evolutionary path, the path must be directed toward a total conscious inclusion in the most general symbiotic relationship with all things specified.

The either/or is supplanted by the good and evil.

On the devolition may reach a critical moment along the way , where a sudden burst of realization may reveal this, causing a sudden twist in the downward course , willing with an immense power of desire , to transfigure into a more stable and less violent being, as a deeply rooted tree.
Naturally a very much higher anesthetic will leave this being in state a very much deprived conscious.

This lack is to some degree more punishing then going again, through the evolutionary ladder once again.
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Re: Satori or below

Postby Prismatic567 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:24 am

The majority of Hindu religions believe in reincarnation, i.e. the whole mental self of a person can be transmigrated to animals or some higher beings.

Rebirth in Buddhism refers to its teaching that the actions of a person lead to a new existence after death, in endless cycles called saṃsāra. This cycle is considered to be dukkha, unsatisfactory and painful. The cycle stops only if liberation is achieved by insight and the extinguishing of desire.

Some Buddhists believe in rebirth.
Tibetan Buddhists believe in reincarnation, e.g. the Dalai Lama is reborn in some degree as a new child somewhere.
However, Buddhism-proper do not provide for the concept of rebirth as above.

I believe the concept of reincarnation and rebirth are driven by desperate psychology to soothe the inherent existential crisis.

Everything is inter-connected and inter-being, i.e. technically, one can trace a hurricane in Florida to a flap of a butterfly' wings in China in the slightest degrees. Thus our actions can effect the whole Earth and universe, our own future behaviors and that of future generations.

However to imply a sense-of-self and self-consciousness moving and reincarnating and reborn from one dead person to another body is absurd and irrational. As mentioned the sole reason for such ideas is due to existential psychology.
I am a progressive human being, a World Citizen, NOT-a-theist and not religious.
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Re: Satori or below

Postby Meno_ » Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:29 am

Thanks for Your response and I would like to go on with it.

The idea oxcired occurred to me, that proof can be gathered other ways, using geometric patterns in the following manner.

The idea of energy transfer is indivisible within and without closed systems.
The conscious personality can be viewed as a combining of.triangular shapes , forming a circle, with a d(x) of ever shortening side, encompassed by
diminishing vertices enclosed by two isoscolese sides.

As the side which encompasses smaller and smaller of the circumference, that could be linked to the metaphore of humam types, subtypes as ego' s and personalities.

The subtypes will naturally be much more numerous, with increasing numbers as to more minute as the angles are traced to the vertices, with the point of the vertices form a virtual unity of ansolute identity with every point on the gross circumference.

This virtuality is both a hypothetical on- at the point of the vertices and at the circumferential periphery, where paradoxically and similarly, it is made up of points. These proximate points can be established by applying a lead point on the line, with an absolute of a virtual point.

The conceptual virtual, has to be requisite to the idea of a perfect circle.

We did a lot with this in prior posts, in relation to the idea of.the absolute conception as a necessary description to finding the d(x).

I don't want to dvelve here, only inasmuch as it also is an applicant to the idea of the ego becoming part of the circumference , as it decides more.subtly into more and more subtypes, in the process of evolving into absolute unitary all self inclusiveness.

As the finite number of near identical types becomes near undifferentiable, undiacernible, an appearance of a perfect circle gives rise to perfection as a.s substrate. Levin, the psychologist worked with this idea, albeit without success in trying to forge a mathematical surface definition of personally.
However the impasse between the geometry, the mathematics, the semantic positivism underlying assumptions (Wittgenstein), draw a picture of conceptual likeness to crisis modes near the curvature of the cixumferemce.

Again, this is a beginning , not any end to this process, and Cantor's difficulty with aligning the necessary conceptual tools at the infinitely reducible virtual absolute, with the actual limitationally drawn one, where
the limitations of.representing a stretching out of spatially stretched out continuum with time(the passing from one half of the isolated segment to the next halving) , becomes the feature of this process.

It is held that geometry has this conceptual difference at this point, similarly, as the conceptive approach into the ideas associated with black holes on macro and micro levels.

If, such is concerned, then if the cognition is basically a descriptive origin, then, at the point of a virtual crisis, it can at some point, divide into virtual certainty and.probable uncertainty. But at the point, where the derivation reached a point of disimtegrativr umertainty .

This but basic theory assumed to work on the most fundamental level

Now what could be envisioned as unique, at the very center of the circle, the virtual vertices of all integrated triangles, is the ideal or.absolute surface sum of all the triangles, and.rotated on an axis, to total and absolute.volume of an ideal sphere, the necessity again a demonstration of as it dissolves.into virtual reality at the cemter.

Given the number of.types of.humans, at.the very periphery of.conscious limitless idea formation, in situ, is but a formative need to transcend the limit, of.acquired types of.defining characteristic ideation markers.within given psyches. it gets interesting.

In humam development . a.process of differentiation then boumsedness of reified content, defines the ego, with the personalitu being the upper surface limit. With the opposite process, the contrary occurs, and a more.and more general typically define multiple conjuntions of types,
Where at some point the curve reaches beyond capacity of describing the integrative aspects of the process.

This point is so stretched, with the points becoming cosmic differences between objects formerly galaxies appearing as single stars, at a great distance, whereas on the micro scale, such observations can be created by more powerful electro microscopes.

What this implies is that.flows, through relative spatial temporal relations between observable points, may validate the intuitive origin of geometric point line relations6, where all lines are.constructions of near infinite points.

The accumulated personality -ego states, is a.Gestapo, of which boundary consideration have not yet reified, and in late life, an equally system will work to break down the the most.general configuration, in order to break down the ego into the simplest apprehension.
The psychological breakdown , literraly apprehends such a process, and it is a mode of.breaking this apprehension from it's conception, giving rise of reversing the different topological orientation , which at some point will appear as paradoxical
and moebius strip like. At that point the boundaries will reveal an open and.closed reversal, where the identity of opposites becomes at least conceivable , where the actual , situational phenomenon can not be separated further, and the psyche at this point will become reflexive and in an eternal mode of cyclical return .
At this juncture the prevelance of what 'comscious manifestation' can only derive from am inner.-outer undifferentiated source of energy.
That.this type of energy comes from am absolute source , appears to be the only way an impossibility of a nothingness can be.conceived, since all which appears is the opposite, being in a relative spatial temporal virtual world. In this sense, uncertainty is only a virtual manifested link between being and existence, either of.which can be a nihilized version of the other.
The pattern (geometric) presentation has reoccured in conceivably near infinite times , giving rise to conscious awareness through pattern and symbolic representation.

This occurred in yet another sleepless.night.
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