Note to all billionaires especially those with holdings 50 b

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Re: Note to all billionaires especially those with holdings

Postby ralfy » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:22 am

Meno_ wrote:
ralfy wrote:
Meno_ wrote:
I think so as well, with that point probably passed with ex
President Carter's push for growth limits and conservation.
He became an unpopular one-termer, for this , for the most part.

This contradicts your earlier statement, that these limits can be expanded.

Good Observation:

Sure for at least 2 reasons.

The first is an anti derivative differentiation toward an absolute .
In Marxian terms , it is through the concept of diminishing returns that a perpetual expansion of value has to take place. But incrementability subscribes to divisibility of available assets against demand.

If markets are not growing at the same rate as the supply is either over or underproduced, the producer will fix prices by dumping oversupplies into waste, rather then reduce prices.

The divisbility of supply, will tend to represent a model of infinite progression, where there never will be an absolute lack of supply, only the prices put on them will rise accordingly.

This is the whole idea behind the NWO, primarily, and secondarily, the threat of nuclear world war.

The other rationale is purely philosophical, and it has to do with Trumpism's neo-Kantian resurgence, which does emphasize negative values associated with ontological negation and contradictions in material synthesis , that structuralism has not been able to edify.

The contradiction of having reached limits and being unlimited by it's perpetual mobility toward an unreachable absolute are both contradictory and not.

Even if prices are removed, there will still be an absolute lack of supply because of physical limitations.
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Re: Note to all billionaires especially those with holdings

Postby Meno_ » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:50 pm

there are two ways to go after this the first is if you keep halving the supply, you never run out. At least not until the planetary orbit keeps us fairly safe.
We can subsist on far less by wasting far less.

The second is the misconception about saving supplies.

Once there was a man a fairly good and heroic man, trying to do good and he lived with his father in law who was a Chinese emperor.
This is a story my old grandad told me.
This simply heroic man did something useful and life saving for the emperor, and the emperor told him he would grant him anything he wished for. (Within reason)
So the guy thought about it and said all I want is one grain of rice on a square on a chess board.
Then 2 grains on the second square 4 on the third and so on until all the squares are covered.
The emperor thought his sin in law lost it, and readily agreed, thinking what a fool ,he could have asked for half the kingdom.
So the order was given to comply, and the emperor went to sleep.

Next morning, alarmed underlings woke up the emperor in great frenzy and told him that there is no amount of rice in China to be able to provide enough rice for the hero.
The emperor was incredulous.

Well doubling shows the same propensity to halving, but upwards. There is physically no limit either forwards or backwards to reach an absolute supply.
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