10 US States with the MOST Gun Violence

I cited rule 1, it’s stickied in this section of the forums. To be specific, every time you show up in a thread you make a poorly or non-defended argument, insinuate that everybody who disagrees with you is a stupid, terrible human being, and then claim you are ‘being attacked’ when people react to your invective. It ends up that when you are in a thread, the thread becomes about your personal hatred and rivalry with whomever had the gaul to disagree with you about something, instead of the actual subject of the thread. Maybe other parts of the website are ok with this, but it isn’t going to happen here. If I come into a thread and see a full page of you calling people stupid, grandstanding about your education, and going three-quotes deep in a pointless debate over who insulted who first about some trivial nonsense instead of discussing the topic, I’m going to either dump the thread in the sandbox if it was garbage from the start, or warn/ban the person who’s ruining the thread.