101 Things To Do Before You DIE

Every two days I will be posting one of the 101 Things To Do Before You Die. Discuss the merits of each, the implications it may have on your life, the benefits of each and whether or not you have done it or plan to do it before you die. First on the list:

Write a Best-seller

This is something I aspire to, but I think im often to lazy to bother writing out a full book. But never the less I shall attempt it.
I think that writing a book and getting it published is an achievment in itself.

Love the sig…

Its true.

is that avatar larry off curb your inthuseasm?

well,i’d say what the absolute no.1 thing to do b4 you die is BUT,there is no responce to all those on ILP that would want absolute proof or evidence of what happens when we die.no answer is EVER good enough for ILP.

1 thing to do before you die:
Make Pascal’s Wager…
…just to be on the safe side

I plan to write a best seller. Or at least a book to make me some money…

I have to sell out to meet a certain target audience… but I mean, I sell out all the time to different girlfriends for sex. Selling out is natural :smiley:

I have the same desire and face the same obstacle. Try this approach, if you like; write short stories, see if you can get them published in magazines. If they are popular, put them in a collection, which with any luck could be a best seller. Kinda cuts up the work into smaller, more manageable bites.


Yes, a show I consider to be the best sitcom ever. I thought the av was suitable since im such a big fan and he looks like hes thinking, such as is the way of the philosopher.

I think im too lazy to write a book, which is why I like writing comic and film scripts. Im not a big fan of short stories either. Im too much of an ambitious reader when it comes to novels. I would probably try reading ‘War and peace’ before picking up a Harry Potter. Not that ones any better than the other, but I always try and read harder books. My favourite is 1984, I do actualy have an idea for a film which could work equaly as well for a book. But Im not sure if ill ever get it written or produced. Ill try anyhow. I need to practise my writing first.

I must say that I find Curb Your Enthusiasm to be boring and incredibly predictable, but of course American sitcoms usually are…

It can be predictible yes, but thats where I find the humour. You can see it being layered and you just know its gonna be hilarious when all the ends tie together. Its not like most American sitcoms, full of shallow smart arsed comments… constant audience laughs. I base my judgement of comedy on its ability to make me laugh, CYE makes me laugh a lot.
But I would like to change my mind on what I said earlier, because if I was to actualy think about it then the best sitcom would be a toss up between CYE, Fawlty Towers, Black Adder and The Office. I think Fawlty Towers should win, but can you believe it? Frasier won the best sitcom (on a top ten type programme I watched) utter bollocks.

P.S What would you write your best seller about?

I’d write a pornographic bestseller, probably softcore. I love writing about sex, it’s one of those topics that has almost endless mileage and a topic with which practically everyone has some degree of interest. It’d probably be based around a Juice Bar.

I admit that CYE is a lot more ambitious than most American sitcoms (where one tends towards a superficial script because one has to build in 4 gag lines per minute) and in this I do admire it. Perhaps its a Transatlantic thing, but I like loads of American TV, I used to watch the Cheers double bill every day. Anyhow, I admire the ambition, I just find that it fails to deliver.

As to the best sitcom - Only Fools and Horses is apparently the most popular show of that type in this country. I must admit to being a fan of the show, though it did overstay its welcome somewhat. Recently, Peep Show is probably the funniest thing on TVin the last few years, though it is something of an acquired taste. It’s probably (as a whole, over the 3 series so far) the most intense examination of contemporary life available, indeed I argued in an essay that it had greater claims to realism than any of the soap operas.

Fawlty Towers is extremely funny, though somewhat limited in its scope. If I were going to argue for the best British sitcom (and therefore, you’ll understand, the best in the world) I’d probably go with that.

I have to write something that I would want to read, and be impressed by. Therefore, by not selling out, I will die of suicide by my mid-to-late 30’s or 40’s, having written a great unpublished body of work, to be discovered, or not, after my death. Either way, it does not matter.

“In the end it doesn’t even matter”
“In the end it doesn’t even matter”
“In the end it doesn’t even matter”
“In the end it doesn’t even matter”

-Linkin park, not that it matters.

I dont mean to sound pretentious, but I find pornographic novels rather… tackey. Never the less, try it… but dont put too much of your own fantasies in unless youre sure almost every man/woman will enjoy them.

Only Fools and Horses was voted best british sitcom by the public. But the programme I watched was based on all sitcoms and was voted/judged by “experts” in the field of situation comedy.

I agree that Peep Show is an immensly funny programme. Its one of those shows that I look forward to watching and I often drop everything else just to watch. The writing is excelent but whats equaly as funny is David Mitchell’s performance as the erratic middle-aged British man. I find similarities in Peep Show and CYE. They both illustrate the problems that can arise from social rules and/or lack of them.

Spend your days forwarding medical science.
We repel and slow down death, but some day we shall stop and reverse it.

But what do you know about medical science that you can put into a book? I certainly dont know enough.

This thread will not sink! So as I promised on the first post, every two days I will be posting another one of the 101 Things To Do Before You Die.

Swim with… Dolphins/Sharks/Whales/Turtles etc

Swimming with any one of those animals is supposed to have overwhelming emotional attachments. Id say swimming with a shark would induce fear and curiosity. Ive heard swimming with dolphins is life changeing, I have no idea why. I cant imagine anyone ever swimming with a whale, they are too big. Turtles are supposed to be pretty fun, people cling on to their shells and ride along fast with them.
Anyone here swam with any large sea animals? I intend to swim with one of them, people make such a big fuss about it… its worth a try.

:unamused: Ok then… people wont reply. So let me ask, do you know of anyone who has swum with any of these animals or do you yourself intend to do so? Do you believe it is beneficial?

Always thought it would be fun. I could live without it, though.
I’ve heard dolphins can get randy, so watch out! :astonished:

I really like your #1, but I would be satisfied with actually finishing writing a book. Period. Yes, a best seller would be nice, but I would just blow all my royalty checks on random junk and it would all be gone in a month regardless.

Swimming with dolphins I could handle. I don’t know about those sharks, though. I live in Illinois, a completly land-locked state and thus have only seen the ocean a few times. I did feed a sea lion at Busch Gardens when I was 4. Does that count?

Apparently, swimming with Dolphins is the best thing to do before you die. Thats according to a survey, but youll all be able to choose the best in another 200 days or more. An acquaintance of mine once told me that the only reason Dolphins are nice to humans is because they are basicaly trying to chat them up, get them into the sack (metaphoricaly speaking).

Its not #1 as in the best of all of them, its just the first one I put down. But anyway, I agree with you. Id be happy just to write a book whether it sold or not. But if it sells then its a good accomplishment still.

Sharks is easy, youre completely safe and its a fun thrill. Now id be worried about Dolphins, the randy buggers.