101 Things To Do Before You DIE

I’ve never swum with an animal larger than a decent sized haddock, or if I have I wasn’t aware of it. But I do have an affection for marine animals, I think it’s got something to do with how they move so differently, gravity works differently in water…

Sarine animals? Do you mean marine animals?

Anyway, I suppose it would be relaxing aswell as fun. Dolphins are supposed to be very smart animals. If I ever have the money, ill try it.

Reach Nirvana/Enlightenment


Find the Meaning of Life or answer the question Why do we live? Whats the point?

a question that plagues me constantly.

These are good things to try and do, especialy for the philosopher. But I dont think they are in the list. The list is mostly physical experiences that can be possibly achieved. I think ive found the meaning of life, but I think there is still more to it that I can find and I think its a neverending quest.

Ok heres the third thing to do on the list. I admit its a day late, but I couldnt get on my computer yesterday. Anyway, here it is:

Win an Award, Trophy or Prize

This is one that most people, myself included, have completed. Ive got a medal for winning a skiing race. But im sure ive had others also. Its a pretty basic things to do, but it is something weve all got to do before we die. Simply for the feeling of success and pride. I intend to win more awards in better things.
So what has everyone else won an award in? Are there any people that have never won one?

So no one on this whole site has EVER won an award of some kind? Come on people! This is a perfect oppurtunity to share this information with us… to boast!

winning awards? …

well I was a judge once for the miss silicone competition…

I handed out the booby prizes…

I know, I know…



Any serious awards? Or is this just a way to avoid facing the truth. NONE OF YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN AWARDS!

A friend of mine won the best dissertation award in her third year of her English/American Literature degree. I edited the essay for clarity of argument so I take a tiny proportion of the credit…

I’ve won a bunch of b-ball awards… but I suppose they don’t really count here eh?

MVP, 1st team all-star, rookie of the year… etc :wink:

All forms of awards count for this one. But I suppose if you were to complete the list with style then youd wait until you won something like the turner prize or nobel prize. But since for most of us thats unlikely, id just count any prize, award or trophy.

Anyway, heres the fourth thing on the list:

Catch a Fish With Your Bare Hands

4 said, 97 more to go.

This one is one of the more interesting on the list. The reason its on the list is probably because it goes back to nature, something we should all do every now and then. But mainly because its a challenge. Getting a grip on the slippery little buggers is a hard task. Ive never done it before because ive never been faced with the situation, but id like to try it some time. Id let it free as soon as I caught it ofcourse.
Other similar tasks that could constitute for this one: catch a fly with chopsticks, catch a butterfly in a net.

So has anyone everdone this one? Im interested in technique.

yep… I’ve caught a fish with my bear hands…

the trick is to make sure the fish tank is small enough so it doesn’t swim away too quickly…

oh out of a stream or lake? nope… I use earthworms and #2 or #3 red hooks… catfish yum yum…


edit: and as far as catching flies with chopsticks… well I have caught my shirt in my fly…

Ive caught fish with a rod before, but I dont condone it now. mainly because of the maggots, but also because of the hook in the mouth. Not very nice. But theres nothing cruel about catching a fish with your hands, as long as you arnt too rough with it.

F that

I’ll tell you what… while you’re out freezing your ass off trying to catch a fish, I’m gonna sit naked in a beanbag chair eating cheesies.

Who said anything about freezing? You could attempt it in somewhere like Canada, probably the same place the bears get their trout. But then again you could always try it in some shallow tropical waters. Nice and warm and very visible. Id try it anywhere, itd be worth it for the rights to say “yep, I caught a fish with my bare hands once”.
Most of this list is good for boasting, these life experiences make you a more interesting person with loads of conversational points.

While we’re on the topic, I encourage everyone to try sitting naked in a beanbag chair eating cheesies at least once before they die.

It’s more than the sum of its parts.

The reason that will never make it onto the list:
Its nothing much to boast about.
Its not hard to do.
Its completely pointless.

But apart from that, I think I shall try it and report back.

i’ve done it once. and it is mighty difficult. we have a creek by our house and i caught one once… but it took me about 30 tries. and i just grabbed it and let it go, i didn’t even take it out of the water.

That might count, depending on whether or not you would have been able to bring it out of the water. I guess you could count it. But id want to take it out of the water first and then put it back in.