12:44: fragments

you sophisticates
with hair splitting explanations!
realism wipes its arse over and over again…

Some brown books look like
wholemeal morning loafs,!

Neurosis 4:36a.m.:
A thin sadness- bone over flesh
faint whimpers as a weakling
falls asleep on a bed…

The whole dummy up of us all
Waged between

& Death
& Evil
& shadows
& shoe laces
& light bulbs

All the while
lighting farts in the dark
down in the basement
remebering our
childhoods…great facotries of cartilage

bruised groins, adolescent silver spoon,
swaddeled over the burning cities of
absolute quietness

-and in the turmoil of
sleepy affluence, maternal pocket money,
midst explosions of alpha and pubic awakenings
of oily skin …midst all this beastial birth

  • wrote maturity and named a spine strong
    and so walked to it being life…!

what are you trying to say with this well organized peice?

I am not saying very much…fragments of gibberish! Little passages to better poems maybe…