2-arms in moon by cauchy3

2-arms in moon

Cry for the moon or bathe in fires. Who do not wish freedom but still creep up in ratings? Who do not wish to give our vent for un-justice but still plug away. Every body controls a set of beings. If we wish to feel good we always had to control our happenings.

                                          That might be our situations. There might be offend and violations. Some pin on the crosses of crusado that is money. Some abandon ones body for sexual pleasures. We try to control ourselves because of our safe

                                                We try to control our environment for the benefits of other or because of our own needs. Voyeurism controls the action of his body to be appears in scenes. Minister pad the cross on his fore head to refrain all sex drive.

                                                   However we all have the need to control other with our moneys or abilities. To control or to submit is our two basic commitments. We all live in a group. Our live should be snakes that hooted or snakes that rattle. Our tail curls as we cry for the moon.

                                                          Our bodies bathe in fire as we capture our preys. In heat we success as the other garlanded us with flowers. In heat we lose our lives as our enemies pull out our bowels. Our guts are digging for right or wriggle for wrong.

                                                              Our bodies are full of senses and all of us need comforts of loves. So loves are our main dishes beside small amounts of salads, herbs and dresses. Do you mean that justice is only our seasons? For justices we need some angry and proud men. If you are leaders you cry for the moon and the sun will go down.

                                                                    You had to buy popular support. You had to gain the one surround sound of vox populi sound systems. It is luck to pay a bit of moneys to own one cattle farm. Feels will buy feels. Whores better work and serve more. Actually the mighty one is at their own domains.

                                                                     The object is not who win by prestige or who win by whoredom. But our leaps should be valuable. If you leap for the dead knock of histories we are true men. However even you give a hand to some one who drop down. But you may be happy if some one knee down to you. 

                                                                          Are there are always conflicts and wars in the whole if every bodies go the whole hog. Law half veiled the threat of disorders. We sometimes do have many misfortunes. Two threads of kites which control the flying are all breakable. Smart guys bully to their neighbors and delude the friends.

                                                                                 They got recondite powers. Gag our months are not follow by pleasures. However they say they promise to give us comforts. To cry for moon or battle in fires! To win because of whoredom or dignities! To success by shaving in shape of pools of blood with euphemism or real commitment! To let go and to knee down! Or to abuse and to bully! The vision of visionary or pedant is false. All pudding is seemed to be good for strong and poisonous teeth. How about the weak with decayed teeth  

                                                Vixens are not bad because they control themselves in half even they fight. Vigorous baby fighter when confer a paper medal will abuse with guns. Butterflies bob with their wings but they are beautiful. Our worlds are full of snakes that creep but never knee. They go up like strings to up streams. They make funs with those who go low. 

                                                          They are militarist or monetarism. They control the toss of all dices to political grounds or money markets. To buy some one by feels! You have to give him his own domain to control over. However every tyrant afraid the consequence of their losing control of powers.

                                                                      This is our sect, our groups and the truth behind all laws. I need my pudding and I play my game with you. The first inspired birds are clumsy crows. However I am given to fly high on sky when I am conspired to. Who is the fool might be who give tricks.

                                                                               Do I mean that if you need breads? Why not go to share some with some one fair. Do I mean that if you need to kill some ones. Why not go to find the ones who treat you with justices. Do I ask you to fold your arms when some evil try to hug you. Do I ask you to unfold your arms when my enemies come near? But who is the hero on bushes

                                                                                On other sides her affair will absorb the flow of clean water. Some news will be divertissements of our true shows. Some peoples are still in jack of boxes. The return of her rise is the drop of integration of laws and orders

                                                              In cold my lips are quiver. In warm I think about to bathe in fires. However if you are one fierce tiger all creatures will surrender. Only but one day the fires in jungles will turn you dancing in madness. Who is the most top leader? My craft and kingdom are spare. Is there always one star from my sky?

                                                                     Spying needs help of wayward and waylaid person. The controls over all domains have been involved with machinations. Powers control or cancel other powers. God know this. Lucks to all my friends?

                                                                         What happen is the call of virtues is from hell. God will happy to bathe in pool of bloods. It is believe to be the Elysium of an Elysium of heaven. To wind up our senses are only some shapes that are deduced from orders and disorders in interlacing. If truths have no definitions then one day we will be leap them over.

                                                                           The dead zones are on screens only when angle of arrivals are changed. We can do little when we bathe in fires. Still more our friends need persisting to counter the reserved powers of despots! Our weak point is the bad dignities of other worlds and our strong point is also this. Depict history with friends but how can we win when bathing in fires.  Do we all cry for moons


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