20th Century Jesus Christ

If Jesus had come about in the year 2000 or any time in modern times, then he would have been instantly thrown into a mental institute and locked up.

What do you think the face of humanity would be now if Jesus never was, if they had simply locked him up for being insane. Better or worse?

Let’s see. The Jews wanted him killed because they thought him a demon-possessed blasphemer. The Romans wanted him crucified because they thought him another crazy messianic claimant who would just stir up dissent in Judaea. So they killed him.

How’s that so much different from if he had come today, been thought mad, and locked up?

I’m not christian, so I don’t look at Jezus as our savior and the one man who can bring us closer to god. That’s the odd thing about christianty; Jezus is the main man!

Maybe we can agree that Jezus really exist. And we don’t consider him as the prophesied messias, the he would be a (normal) human being with great talents and a lot of luck? Because with luck and talents you could grow from small to very big.

Jezus was extraordinary. Ordinary people don’t come far. If Jezus didn’t became that big, certainly other guys would. Asking if ‘the face of humanity would be better or worse’, with or without Jezus sounds like a very silly question. It’s like what would the world would be like, if Columbus didn’t went west. What difference would that make?

To answer the question; if Jezus never was, there would be someone else. And it would be pointless to discuss if ‘the face of humanity’ would be better or worse with or without him.