3-animals: poem by cauchy3

3-animals (poem)

Deaths are hands of bad man

Lives are lost on wares of wars

Cherries are purple like lips

Men lost rules as for milks

We will live like insects

Sects are faults and joints are sects

Moralists lose faiths in marrows

Guns and smokes are gases in rows

Eden is cage for poisoned snakes

Venoms are bloods and dreadful are diseases

Tyrants have jobs to calm us down

We calm up with fires to doomed

Our punishments are winning with no successes

Our rewards are prides that will cause

A lost cause of freedoms and justices

A gain with no lump sums

A thumb can count one in a rule

But deaths are hands of sick ducks

Lame ducks have toes when putted

Webbed toes are change to rude

Tories are baits but tyrants are hooks

Fishes are trapped and freedoms are toothless
Truths with foot that walk to moons

Justices are warm but sums not in moods

Clauses are to see by evil eyes

Clauses are escaped in bulls and ears

Deeds pending are to be completed by heroes

Spying are paid for talks in royal

Abandon to body our views are hangout

Guns are made in cashes in hard

Laws need to related to hearts

Reserve our words and waive our years

Signs of guns but errors in dresses

Bullish in armies but poor has not rest

Lock in battles in ducks bases

Lame ducks and dogs and bears

When lives have chasms that dig

Earths when quake stairs are not sit

Justices are our shoots in arms

The sitting ducks are some ants(us)

A white lie have little heals

Fallen angels have no ways to heaven

Tombs are places and stores to sleep

Three ounces are hearse in air to feel

Three brackets are inhaled in separations

Reflected all laws with orders in senses

Brag on laws when fix our cattle

Ducks and dogs and bears are 3 atoms

Die for foods throats have rattles

Lives are struggles in pitches of battles

Which cattle is your premier title?

White washes will come to lights

Who is the one good to whom?

One craft is who is who

Ages of dens met the mends

Goals of men are in zoo with ends

Do live in zoo have happy closes

On skies few birds are lost

WE are fishes to swim on skies

One day all birds dive into seas

--------Poem by Cheung shun sang=cauchy3---------


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