3 days 'til Brian's court date

I’m gonna have to look that guy up.

Nietzsche and Marx were two of the three Great atheists to usher in truly modern thought - the other being Freud. it could be argued that they invented the 20th century.

That might be overstating it a bit.

But it might not.

Every great man was a predator.

Even Ghandi and Jesus?

Sure. They hunted for hearts.

Fair enough. :confused:

Mebbe Brian has been doing the same thing. It’s easy enough to judge someone from the comfort of your internet connection.

My heart is always stolen by those who are well read and pugnacious.

I think you’re too old for him.

Just a joke.

Why is it that the phrase “age aint nothing but a number” sounds less appealing from a 28 year old guy than it would from some other people? Is this a symptom of a sexist and ageist society?

No, I think it’s a symptom of being hip to a lame pickup line. Try it when you’re 49.

I’m friends with this guy who’s daughters I used to hang out w/ in high school and now the guy’s like 58 or something. Sometimes we go gambling w/ a group of friends or a gang of us will go to strip clubs w/ the dude because he knows everyone there. The point of all this is that his pickup line is…“I’m 18 w/ a fake ID”. You’d be amazed how well that works on strippers when combined with a huge bar tab and a bag of blow.

Yeah, the guy’s got a silver tongue.

Smears, it is not the duty of the media to account for all the FACTS before they issue any public information on it. In my case, those journalists who wrote the news articles about me were ordered by the sheriff who “issued a statement” to write, or “report”, specific things.

Everyone would, by default, assume that a man my age who contacts a person her age, on the internet, is a “predator”. Do you expect anything more than a cliche?

Here is one such article. I made a few comments recently.

goblueridge.net/index.php?op … 9&Itemid=1

Now, if you have a sister or a daughter under the age of four…be afraid. Be very afraid. I am coming to get them, Smears. The article says so. If you don’t trust the news…what can you trust?


Glad things have worked out, D.

They are not yet really “worked out”. They have in fact become more absurd, though I cannot explain publicly, for confidential reasons.

What has happened, however, is Sharon’s defeat. She is literally exhausted and broken, and no longer a problem. I told her months ago she would lose. She has.

I was hoping to give her a mental breakdown and land her in the looney bin, but I settled for what I got I guess. Hey, what can you do.

Well, you are not in jail. SS is not with her mom. That’s something of an improvement, no?

Oh yeah, things have improved, but they have taken a strange turn as well. I cannot tell you how, yet, but once Nat and I are together, legally, I will tell you what happened.

I am a magnet for irony. You will understand when I tell you. I will give you only this hint: the tables have turned.

Interesting article. YOU BIG PREDATOR!!!