3000th Member

Well it’s been a busy week to say the least. Mundane Babble turned into a funnyfarm and it seemed as if everyone was getting along well until things turned nasty and now everyone hates each other. In other news, Detrop has a new girlfriend and a new identity. Maybe we’ll let him back in soon?

Welcome to ‘confused’ who is the 3000th member to sign up with us at the Mcdonald’s funhouse of philosophy that is ILP. I hope you’re not put off by the insanity and I welcome you to our humble community.

Best Wishes to you all,


“McDonald’s Funhouse” isn’t it called a “Playplace”?

I like the Burgerking ads that populated on my screen in conjunction with the mention of “McDonald’s”.

Oh-dear, my ears are burning… :blush:

Confused - well if he/she wasn’t to start with, a few weeks here and they certainly will be. I just don’t know what to believe anymore, or even what ‘Believe’ means. Bloody nihilists. :smiley:

No worries Ben… the old fart is out of here, which should clear up the tension. I haven’t shared my penis size, and watching angry girls with raging hormones feels like being home with my sisters… I was doing research for a school project anyway, so I created myself for your enjoyment. I am a 22 year old psychology student from NYC. And Vort, I got a nice thick one that you’ll never get to lick. :sunglasses: Gotcha.

Enjoy yourselves.

posted for posterity

for the integrity of the forum…

posted for posterity

Do check out my poem in CREATIVE WRITING entitled:
A Guy Named Bessy[/size]

That’s nothing.

Try being a published doctorate in philosophy working five forums under ten pseudonymous names for three years as a privately sponsored project, which shall go unnamed. :astonished:

Like I’m 22. Go figure. A bigoted, but published, PhD with no credit…

Impressive, A-C. Who’s the old fart now?

I seem to be completely out of the loop. Who is Bessy and why is it talking like this? :astonished:

And well done ILP for 3000 members! Here’s to 6000!

ps… by the way, when do you have time to take a piss or meet Katy for that nice dinner?

All we need is for Bessy to type “Pwned” and I will be shocked.

Well, not really.

Right you are Gate-man… 'you got pwn’d.


TRY JABERWALK… don’t fuck with da masta…



Engine-Aim or XQZ Style… your guess :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Don’t fuck with an old lady who has five grown sons, 1-800-Google, a nice urban dictionary, and an attitude… try Professional Wallhack!

YO’MAMMA :sunglasses:

Love ya Bess… you’re my kind of gal!

If I send you some leather paraphenalia, would you dress up, take a photo and send me a copy? :wink:

Happy 3K Ben… I hope you haven’t counted the dozen or so pseudonyms detrop/epoche/HotBlond18/etc has used?