50 Strange Buildings of the World

These are fantastic! Enjoy.



They’re all so interesting that I couldn’t decide which one to show as an example. So here’s one I just picked at random, the Mind House in Barcelona.

Cool indeed Jonquil - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Barcelona’s architecture is superb - they must have 100s of buildings that could have made that list, lol.

Great. I hope you got to look at parts two and three as well. I also understand that the Dallas city hall and the Denver International Airport are interesting. Can you imagine an airport with tents that are similar to the mountains in the background?

:open_mouth: Wow, these were fantastic, thanks for sharing, jonquil. Some were more impressive than others, and I think Vegas casinos should be disqualified on principle, but some were just unbelievable. A few of them reminded me of the Weisman art museum here in Minneapolis:

Awesome pic, Anita. Weelll, Austin has the Terminix Bug, apparently the oldest landmark around. lol – righteo.

Of course, there’s always the Alamo just a hop skip and a jump down south in San Antone.