#6th: Thou CAN Kill - if You Get the OK From Corporate First



The #6th Commandment used to be:
Thou shalt not kill.

That was the actual scripture.

Simple. Straightforward.
No amendments or exceptions.

Thou shalt not kill…

Now many are moving to change the meaning and even the wording to; Thou shalt not murder.

So,…You and I can kill. We can exact revenge based upon the corporate definition.

If someone murders another or many…we can kill them.

We can show that killing is wrong by killing… Er?..wait a minute…

Because killing isn’t murdering.

All murder is killing but not all killing is murder.[/size]

…[size=200]Thank you corporate overlords. [/size]


That’s quite a graphic picture you’ve got there Bill. A heavenly doorway?

Kill one and you are a criminal. Kill millions and you are a hero.


[size=124]Kill everyone and you are a God.[/size]

…image of the virgin Mary.