A 1-beverage(political prose by cauchy3)

A 1-beverage

Compulsive obsessions make scattered brains. They feel like tea balls that are used up with our settings. The storms inside the cups are small. But what even they reflex into our dairy routines.

                               Leafs in tea balls are lack of powers to float up again. They are teas that refrained to smell some airs. Fit to sobs of big eaters or the smiles of scamps. Then some goods or bad of spirits refused to debate.

                                    Hooch is not full of taste but choke our breath. A cup of Casablanca is to empty and come self-forgetful in wits and glees. The tea souse with taste in our storms! 
                                      It is native and it go with the game of freights in cups for our thirsty. How about the diadems with diagonal powers of dominance

                                       Tea balls pass out in few days and what are our cups. The brims of them are our muddy spaces in lives after storms. Hobble in our past times and elf might be some friends of tramps.

                                           But hard ciders are apple with no sins. There are skunk- works to develop tricks in England. Titles confer to dwell at nights or at days.

                                             It is like ciborium that is fill with waters to wash our cloth instead of holy wafer.
                                                   In Hong Kong once a smuggler is now a gentleman when England infer to him.

                                                    Fit to sob of big eaters or smiles of scamps. God and ghost refuse to debate to them. But we need powers to live on and we need a good working environment. May be we are some teachers? May be we are doctors.  May be we are some sport s men. We have to live near the world with this cup of teas.

                                                        Even that you are not free to vent out or shut up to the good to the bad. Baggage is debate to laws but powers are steal by tricks. Badges are for glories and self esteem rather than the livings of a cave of rats

                                                      I am writer in rat cages or I am a cat that put in rat cages. It is another topics that leave to some others. 

                                                         No rats not fond of teas or juices in particular, they are some trouble makers. WE are some disgust big eaters. We will also drink and feed like rats on common. 

                                                          Lives are repulsive not like fruits in cocktails. Sticks of cocktail drinks look like maces. They are beautiful but they lack the powers. So sober lives are not full of excitements.

                                                   Napalm disposers gain another medals of redbuds. Befalls of lucks to be happy to the ad -hominem ones. Live are some juices.
                                                       Prier to your whole tactics and water your gardens with venoms may be some one very close to you. Then you have a cup of red Alexandra cocktail. Red means bloods or bitter grapes. Not bloody merry! 

                                                                  The rotten of your live may be your choice since you have no options beyond some gold medals. Or you are either bewildered by laws or by sensations of your own.

                                                                        Some patriots lose their hearts and carved the interests of others by their own. They means that they put cigars on to spirits

--------By Cheung shun sang=cauchy3-------