A Beat

Give me a rhythm I can get behind.
Trample into the firm earth underfoot,
Or rap out upon a taut snarehead,
The warrant of our Being.
I have seen too little, and known far less,
Than would permit me to say
Why I and you and we need
Such artifice as this;
Is there not order enough
In a thunderclap, or a torrent?
You say and I respond that
Earth has been a good teacher;
The mechanism of her cycles
Moves and molds us, but
She is too strict-we have matured,
And our flame, first kindled by
Patterns so regular now crackles
In its own time, our own time.
Clean, cold, precise,
Harsh, urban, funky,
If alien to our conscious ears always welcome
To our unconscious souls,
It must all be got behind,
And pushed

This would make a good song on utube.

Fantastic piece

this has flava!

Excellent! I wish my free-form was half this good.