A case of moral victory

Imagine two people, p1,p2 and there is an infant holding a piece of candy. both p1 and p2 wants that candy and both compete to snatch it from the infant. p2 gets the candy. while p1 loses out.

but ironically, p1 claims to have scored a moral victory over p2 for p1 does not have in possession of the candy.

What is a moral victory? It seems to me be a pathetic excuse for self-conform in the face of failure.

Aren’t they both equally immoral having even attempted to steal the poor baby’s candy…? Your ‘moral’ victor is a double-loser.

I think ‘moral’ victory is just another way to say sour-grapes

Did you mean self-confirmation…? Self-comfort…?


What kind of hypothetical is that, Pinnacle of?

I suspect that it this was not the description of a hypothetical situation. I propose that POR was one of the participants in the situation. (Try to figure out which one.)

Hmm… I begin to believe, as Satan is the Antichrist…

Pinnacle is the Antiphilosopher…

Two people sit down to dinner (P1 & P2). There are two steaks on the serving dish, a big one and a small one. Before even sitting down, P1 quickly grabs the bigger steak and drops into his plate.

“That was really rude,” huffs P2.

“Why? What would you have done?” asks P1.

“I would have taken the smaller steak,” condescends P2

“Well, shut up, that’s what you got.” P2 snipes.


More posts like this then I might as well type out a book titled “The Pinacle Of Philosophical Laughes”…


Humor is the ability to have laughes, and the ability of being joyful is the evidence of a wise mind. But that probably doesn’t really apply to my case, but still, I manage to get my arguments across threads. Take it easy Doc, I’ve no hostility for you.

Let me take this thread off track a little so I can take my ussual stab at morality. It pains me to see such statements:

“In the real world, victory speaks for itself - it has no need to make excuses. Even so, to be victorious by immoral means is not a triumph, but a disgrace.”

Dr. Krankenkopf, how so… Maybe a disgrace to your moral standards, but do you suggest your standards are in any way of a greater objective quality than anyone else’s? If so, how so… I believe that my beliefs about how a human should act actually are objectivly of a higher quality. I think I can reasonably show that my belief system leads to a higher potential for pleasure in life, and I think I would be successfull in arguing that pleasure is the only objective measure of life’s quality. What about you, would you argue there are other forms of quality, and that your moral system can achieve higher levels of it? I would be glad to listen to your arguments, and provide my own. Just tell me if youre interested, and ide be glad to hear anyone else’s opinion, though I think everyone else in this thread has already gone through this with me…

How is this drivel still in the philosophy section?