A Collapse of Consciousness

A collapse
into consideration of the conscious
came unexpectedly.

Denial could not prevent my fall
into such a deep well.

The caress of the well’s moldy dampness
sunk into my lungs,
clinging to me like it had long wanted
for the mold had been growing before the well was built.

In the well, the stony wall’s hardness mirrored
the concreteness of my feelings.

Upon the initial fall, my feelings shattered
against the stony wall of humanity.

This shattering bruised my sight.

But as I clung against the cold slime
and groped upward,
my sight intensified.

As I emerged from the well, the transparent landscape
lured me into its dizzying maze.

My consciousness collapsed when I failed to
burn the icicles of my heart.

I really enjoyed reading this. It drew me in, which I wasn’t expecting.