A deep pain from inside my soul

[list]leaf me alone
with the feathers
from a tree

snap a twig
with your leg
like a foot

bang your gun
with a hammer
beside a lake

point your finger
with a blade
to the bone

kill your snake
with a clock
not a watch

just a face
with a nose
and some lies

the emperor wears
indivisible clothes
one piece catsuit[/list:u]


I just wrote all that fairly quickly (just for a laugh).
Was trying to write ’ The Worst Poem Ever ’ but it actually seems quite good. Damn !!

P.S. - I hope you all die.

I think sometimes the best poems are the ones you write quickly. It’s easy to over think a poem. Spontaneity can be very creative. Focus too hard on something and you can lose it completely. (Or as Yogi Berra once said, “How am I supposed to think and bat at the same time?”)

That’s probably true.

Music composers don’t strike just one note and then stop to admire it; the rythm and flow would be lost.

It somewhat creeps me out though . . . It feels like someone else wrote it.

For example, I would have to guess the answers to any questions regarding the imagery involved.

And then of course this begs the question, who? That’s the real question, it seems to me. These manifestations of Creativity that come from (through?) us…from where exactly do they come? One could feel creeped out. Or one could feel awed.

As a man, relinquishing all control makes me feel uneasy . . . Reduces me to a receptacle.

Subconsciously condensing the echoed thoughts of others, or perhaps myself (sounds better).

A funnel.

Yes, funnels are strong.

Funnels do something.