A diamond will always know its own worth

no, the diamond is hardest at its core


I know the diamond is hardest at its core but in terms of people, what I said, stands, and we were only using the diamond here as a metaphor or analogy really, weren’t we?

what you said is not a diamond…

diamonds are not warm and fuzzy…

not even metaphorically…

its a tough world… you have to be tougher or the world will chew you up and spit you out, that’s life…


Diamnods are forever.

But are they?

I understand they’re NOT.

Simple, yet meaningful.

I read most of this, but still can’t get what you guys are really talking about. I understood some of the succinct posts, but the longer winded ones, kind of confused me. Other than talking about diamonds, what is the underlying meaning of this thread? The metaphor (?)

D, there’s a quote in India that goes like this, “A diamond doesn’t know its own worth.” It means that a person who is precious, useful, valuable, etcetera doesn’t know his own value. I was just trying to prove why this person will always know his value or worth, if he doesn’t, then no one else can be valued either because his value comes from being contrasted with others above him or below him, and as soon as the comparison is there he’ll know his worth and if the comparison is not there then no one can have any definition. And a person who has worth logically cannot be blind to who and what others are around him. He may not speak of it but he’ll always know even though the cunning who use him think that he doesn’t know. That’s why the actual quote was probably coined by someone cunning I believe. Whatever…

Hi Beena,

I’m inclined to go with the original quote. My reasoning is descriptive. I have seen a lot of really good kids beaten down into apathy by hardheads or just by the system. It happens early, in school and family, and diamonds are lost.

When the reflection kids get is ‘you’re crap’ it’s easy for them to believe it.

I think that there are a lot of counsellors and therapists out there working with broken diamonds.

Just a thought.

Cheers, freethinker :sunglasses:

I don’t think there is some “underlying meaning” to this or any other thread, nor does there have to be. I like the different takes on the quote or subject- the fact that we’re all making our own interpretations. It’s more fun that way.

D, If you’re bored you could go post a sultry story about Valentines in my Mundane Babble thread… nobody loves me! I take it we don’t have any “Prisoner” fans either. You guys are making me sad… Where is Pureasonist? I need a hug!

I’m here!

Wmaybe we all should ask where is BeenaJain right now… Has she gone for good?

Maybe the answer is not so cut and dry, black and white. We are dealing with a metaphor about the diamond that symbolizes different things. I have read many varied interpetations of what the metaphor might be or symbol might signify by the posters here. With the ultimate question being do we even realize what it is we believe that diamond may be. Or Does IT know what IT is.

Well, my question, ultimately, is this: What is Reality, what we believe it is, or what we wish it to be? Is there an underlying Reality existing regardless of whether we acknowledge it or not?

Does analysis break down where the imaginative mind take over?

If I seem critical it’s because I just put on my analytical hat for a moment.

Isn’t there some fascination with diamonds that has lived in the human mind for thousands of years? It is a resource that has had special place in the human imagination as we transverse the wide Universe.

Nice thread, nice thought, dreaming of diamonds, good night!

Puzzled Again…