A few lines...

I wrote down a few lines which I would like to share with you all. (mind you im new here and my english is not my mother language, so please dont flame if there are lots of errors - i wrote them directly in english first).

On thoughts:
I spun you the stories you wanted to hear
If you will, i can destory them and I wont shed a tear
For nothing, is indeed created by will of the mind
Rarely critisiced, though often I should be
But it’s not you fault, you where left here with me
Be my teacher, feed me grant me hopes
Then I shall show you, endless potentials of within your goals

On Heart & emotions:
I wander with you, till the end of your days
Fearful, joyful, there are so many ways
Ripping, tearing, trying them all
Hope it will teach you, emotional halls

On imagination:
Forever I shall roam, forever I shall be
Creating the universe, setting you free

On 1:
I shall be alone, but that doesnt really count
When I know that you will always be around
I created it all, and so it must be
Nothing escapes it, the eternity

On Fear:
Fear not yourself, that fear is dangerous
It’s merely a helper, to guide you along
Thank him…he saved you so many times
But dont let him conquer you, without your mind

Angels & spirits:
Always here, and here I am
I hold your hand, I guide you past
Troubled waters, troubled vast
In the end I shall there also be

Within you:
Its all from within
In without, left in the above
change of all, once will come
The hope, of love
love conquors all

Know this, deep within
Answers to without
Uniformed in all
Both forced are needed
In creation of all
Compass yourself

Search the path that leads you on
Your path only, it will unfold itself
Guided by all, it will be realized

We have no faults by nature, except our own
Made by us, and solved by us with help from those around
Realize that its all out of love
So will you learn to love, those above

About these lines here I wrote, it came out from inspiration from intuition after been researching alot of different topics, as taoism, buddism, and esoteric materials.

Anyways, I’m usually not the type to write down stuff like this - I like them myself though but I would love to critism, both good and bad.

Where do they even belong, what category on this forum??

Hey Joe, where ya goin’ with that pen in yo’ hand!

(I’d suggest the “Creative Writing” category)

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I’m going down, shot by my lady
you know she caught me, with the pen in my hand


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…ya, you gotta be careful: the penis mightier than the swored!

I like the way you think. Your poem is lovely and it gave me a sense of free-falling, of floating, of innate freedom. It’s a very hopeful kind of poem somehow.

Penis is mightier than the sword - LOL

Lets find out, I hold the sword and you hold your penis :wink:

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What does that mean? :slight_smile:

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Poetry is difficult to write in your own language, so I think you’ve done an admirable job expressing yourself in English here.

Welcome to ILP, and I hope you’ll continue writing.

Hi Anitas,

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Nice poem, though I don’t agree with

What I meant here is :

Nothing, in you mind - the state of nothing where you disable yourself from thinking - meditation etc… is created by your own will.