a few people have said....

I read that IQ45 made a secret visit to a hospital in 2019…

I have heard a lot of speculation that it is because IQ45 had a series
of mini-strokes… at the time, Pence was even put on notice that he
might have to become president…so, it seems to have been very series…
because they have very advance medical room at the White house… so
advance then can actually conduct surgery in there and yet, they couldn’t
deal with some “minor” testing? Nope, this medical room is equipped with
everything they need… so, we have seen medical problems from
IQ45 like his inability to hold cups of water with one hand, and he had
problems walking down a ramp at West point, in fact, needed help to navigate
the easy ramp…I think the president has some series medical conditions that
are being withheld from the American people… but without holding vital
information is what this White house is all about…

don’t you want to know if the president of the united States had a series
of mini-strokes?


Trump has insisted this is not true. So that in and of itself means it is.

so apparently, pence when asked about this, replied:

“I don’t recall”

he did not deny it, he just said, “I don’t recall”

and given his slurred words of late and balance issues, plus he doesn’t exercise,
he is vastly overweight with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, plus
factor in his McDonalds fixation… I would say he is long overdue for another
stroke or a heart attack…along with the pressure of the job and stress is the
number one killer in the world…


apparently, even the right wing, very right wing Drudge report is
now reporting that IQ45 has had series of small strokes…and do you know
some of the symptoms of a person with such a series of mini-strokes?

well depending on the side of the stroke, one side of the body becomes
weak, recall at the convention how IQ45 keep leaning into the lectern on
his left side…he can’t stand for extended periods of time so he needs
to lean into something…he quite often can’t hold something in his hand…
that checks because he has trouble holding a glass of water with one hand…
he needs two hands to drink a cup of water…we have seen that a couple of
different times… he rambles when he talks being unable to hold or complete
a sentence or a thought…listen to him… in 4 sentences, he changes the subject
5 times… he can’t hold a coherent thought for 5 seconds… caused by
mini-strokes or in the midst of dementia, your choice…

we cannot choose a president with such a incapacitating illness…

there is a very good chance of IQ45 not even surviving until inauguration day
in 2021…why waste a vote?


I’ve come across video that shows IQ45 dragging his foot just
like someone who has suffered from a stroke, or two…

he was in some factory… it was pretty clear video that shows
us how damaged IQ45 really is…

edited: I googled in trump dragging vote or trump walking issues and
several video’s pop up showing him with real issues with his right side
of his body including his foot…


Okay, Trump’s health is teetering on the edge. And Joe Biden is not exactly a spring chicken. So, imagine then, if, between now and the election, one and/or both of them succumb to a condition that knocks them out of the race.

What then?

First… that would be a real plot twist, wouldn’t it?

Second… isn’t that what Vice-Presidents are for?

I have noticed that IQ45 no longer repeats the tired old
slogan of “sleepy joe” or he no longer pushes the “cognition” issues
that so dominated the early part of this election cycle… Now he
has moved onto other false statements, “the radical left will
dominate Biden”… another statement he hasn’t proven… and when
these false claims go down, then what new falsehoods will he turn to?

Inquiry minds want to know…what new lies will IQ45 be pushing next week?

stay here on the same bat channel, the same bat time…


My interest however lies not in what technically, institutionally, legally etc., would/must unfold, but in the far more subjective political reactions.

Is Pence preferable to Trump re either the Republicans or the Democrats? Would Harris assume the top position on the Democratic ticket? Would that be good thing or a bad thing from the perspective of either the Republicans or the Democrats?

Also, if Pence and/or Harris become the presidential candidate, who might they choose to run with them?

You know, the stuff that, for me, is rooted in dasein. :wink:

First… why do you keep feeling the need to keep stating where you’re interests lay?

Second… questions, that may never be answered, because the terms that would be necessary for them to, may never come to fruition. But if they do, then yea…