a few poems

“The maze of despair shall asphyxiate”

Confidence, the illusion of substance
agony multiplied begins to ply; desire
the worthwhile the moist and dripping, becomes the dry
the sun burnt vision
spinning, drilling through the ceaseless drift
searching for a drop to ease the birth of eager demons
and relieve exhausted thirst
their endless beatings just to tap sincere
a single unbruised truth

A poem I wrote long ago. I like it for it’s simplicity.


  It's time for us to build

to stop dissolving in our silence when the moments drift untold
I claim that needlessly we have disolved before
and now it’s time for monument, it’s time for us to bore
through all our human layers
to our most potent cores
until this lonely source itself is felt
to exit from our pores

On the moments pressing birth
sparks in an understood confusion burst
upon the edge of this expanding firmament
into a land dark and unconquered, subconcious
the growing aura turns in, constant as inertia
while the motion of infusion swells
reaffirmed by this pulsating center
each moment pursued enters this courseing soul
contracting as it flourishes a newfound thirst for permanence
embraced by flames
fueled from a source of it’s own creation
quintessence defined as a subtle wind
which guides, magnetizes every instinct, and intuition

…um!?, WOW!

Concordant, I am at a lack of words to describe my response towards the last poem. But I suppose I can choose a part and go from there.

I like how " while the motion of infusion swells" flows in my mind and the feeling of a possible image that it invokes. Was there anything specific that provoked you to write this or the other poem?

Also, can you elaborate or give any meaning to " …the birth of eager demons"?

“I like how " while the motion of infusion swells” flows in my mind and the feeling of a possible image that it invokes. Was there anything specific that provoked you to write this or the other poem?"

I cant say that it was anything specific for the untitled poem because it attempts to describe an intangible mystical potency. Kind of in the vein of Taoism. If you have never read the Tao Te Ching I think you would enjoy it a great deal. It is one of the few books I have ever read that struck me as if with lightning. If you have never read it and are prompted to go buy it because of this suggestion be warned that there are a great many translations in print and that they all vary tremendously because of the difficulty of rendering chinese into english. Spend a little time puruesing the translations until you find one that seems to suit your tastes. To get back to the point though the poem in itself was an attempt to describe the rythmic loop of ones life source extending out and then returning in the cycle of a figure 8 or a loop. It is the constant reinvigoration of the moment a desire to apprehend a perpetual lucidity or clarity, or at least the highest level that can be attained, hence a difficult and unconfirmed mysticism. In the end it is what it is whether a true possibility or an unattainable myth. The importance is in the attempt and ones apprehension of the moment.

As for the other poem I think it was the last poem I ever wrote that simply occured. What I mean is that it flowed out of a terrible despair, and in a way it was the final farewell from one era while stepping into another. When I right poetry now it is with a methodicalness in that I write and revise, and the original copy usually looks to be the skeleton of the finished draft. As for the line “the birth of eager demons” it was originally written as “the birth of searing demons, their endless beatings just to tap sincere a single unbruised truth.” which actually might be a better way of saying it, but at some time I must of inadvisably revised it, and that revision was the one I had in front of me last night. But if I was to put a different word to eager or searing demons I think I would have to describe it as self doubt, and the anguish of an incontrovertable regret. It is the lose of all hope, and the onset of a deep pessimism. It was a very bad moment for me. I think that what makes it work though is the last line “a single unbruised truth” because it points to a reason for the suffering. In other words the suffering wasnt needless, and something was gained from it even if the process which led to it was a painful one.