A few prospective analytical definitions

The measured of value: the relation
The means of production: the person, a machine that alters the relations between others
The standard of value: Ideology, the picture of how things should ideally be, an ideal that is operationally real, naturalizing the bounds of certain relations
Ownership: When a machine is placed under the purview of the person or a machine of persons
Machine: a series of relations that produces ‘wealth’
Wealth: relations put into representational form, so that they can circulate within a larger machine
Use-value: relations that change material conditions
Surplus-value: relations that change relational conditions
Material conditions: relational conditions submitted to an absolute limit
Relational conditions: material conditions prepared for use in a machine
The State: A languaged entity that works to distribute the ideologically real relations which organize persons in the production of wealth; and which uses the material conditions of violence to enforce and defend that ideological organization

Possibly, by using these sketched-out defintions, the questions of state vs. individual, ownership, socialism vs. capitalism etc. can be thought through differently.