A Gift

Two girls standing on a bluff
Watching the sun set
Life, bathed red in death
But their hope knows better

They see only beauty
I see only them
They wrap their arms around each other
Without thinking, but with knowing

I, alone in the distance,
No longer young
Can only thank them
For this gift

For someone who claims to have only just written his first poem with his last subm “SUNDAY TIMES”, you, faust, certainly don’t have to worry about falling pray to the always-dreaded Sophmore jinx, b/c you have written and shared yet another very good poem - shorter than the first and embodying a different mood but good nonetheless on its own terms.

lhw - AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss

Glad that’s out of the way. Thanks. I added a word - I wrote and posted this so fast I hardly knew what I wrote.


Have you ever considered doing something like Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology based on your customers?

I’ve thought about my cast of characters, but everything I write sounds like “round up the usual suspects”. :unamused:

faust, it seems you now have two perspectives. I prefer the latter.