‘god’, creation the universal evolution and consciousness

‘god’, creation the universal evolution and consciousness

  1. is evolution universal?
    The expansion of the universe is equally an evolution, the periodic table can be seen as an evolution of the elements ~ from the start of the big bang elements formed as the universe cooled…

Generally speaking evolution can be seen as a set of patterns [like trees of species etc] which like laws come before that which follows them/works by then/utilises them. in both cases we have to ask what makes the laws by which all things go by, and why is the universe so beautifully designed?
This doesn’t mean you have to have a creator god, i don’t even know how a god or anything else can make laws of the universe. however existence itself has/belongs to infinite intelligence which would be a faculty of the infinity and being.

Something has to be that which shapes existence, i can draw no other conclusion that this shaping has to occur in the primary state before and after a given universe [outside of it]. this could simply be the workings of infinity, but surely that itself would be ‘god’ as i see it i.e. it would possess all that we are at the very least! this consciousness also pervades existence, it controls the flux of energies [?] yet beings therein [e.g. us] also have consciousness thus there is a balance between environmental and individual consciousness.

It follows that all patterns and potential evolutions are cast before the singularity goes bang, but this is in the wider context ~ a general framework, the specifics occur naturally as needs be.
creation would necessarily be external to existence as a baby is from its mother. there is probably a strange phoenix like state between the birth of a universe and the death of an old one [if it is cyclic], there must necessarily be an absence of physical existence otherwise the one would get tied up with the other in terms of time, dimension and the limited or conserved nature of energy etc.

within this gap lies infinity and consciousness [god?], everything that went before i.e. in the previous incarnation of the universe, would be wrapped up in the emptiness and form the foetus of the next.
beyond existence there are universal laws which apply to all incarnations of the universe and which allow for infinite variance.

  1. consciousness.
    here is a quote concerning the mayan view…
    Hunab Ku [“The Galactic Butterfly”.] was, to the Mayas, the supreme God and ultimate Creator. It represented the gateway to other Galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the Consciousness that has ever existed in this Galaxy. Hunab Ku, is also the Consciousness which organized all matter, from a “whirling disk”, into stars, planets and solar systems. Hunab Ku is the “Mother Womb” which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth. They also believed that the “Creator” directs everything that happens in our Galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic “Consciousness Energy” bursts. Today, modern astronomers have verified that at the center of our Galaxy is a “whirling disk” with a “Black Hole” at its center that is both swallowing and giving birth to stars.

the galactic centre is within as well as without. presumably each galactic centre is a manifestation of the universal centre [in druidry the divine centre ‘caugant’], where the consciousness is [mind aspect of the the awen], it is through the universal centre that things evolve in coordination with environmental conditions. you get types of insects animals and plants and those ‘types’ adapt to their conditions.

we may see another variant to this in ‘cosmic synchronicity’ where bodies are aligned as if by coincidence, such as the moon is exactly the right size and distance from the sun for an eclipse. generally speaking the whole thing is a massive organised network of phenomenon and consciousness, where one exactly correlates with the other.

mayan stuff
the entire mayan cosmology and extremely accurate calendars were based on the existence and location of Hunab Ku and they believed that the future of mankind ultimately depends on what occurs there.
the Mayas believed essentially that Time flows in a circle. There is a beginning and an end to things but there is a renewal at the end of the Time cycle. There is a “periodicity” to all manifested phenomena. The Mayan highly accurate Long Count Calendar is based on this precept. The Mayas also believed that Time originates out of the Hunab Ku and is controlled by it.

The pyramids at Teotihuacán which means “City of the Gods”, constructed by a Meso-American civilization just north of Mexico City that preceded the Mayas, are also aligned to the Pleiades as are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. This is not all, on December 21, 2012 at around 11:11 universal time, there will be a precise alignment of our Sun with the Galactic center (Hunab Ku).

Pyramids @ Angkor,the same mirror of heaven youtube.com/watch?v=4wwOBG3-vdQ

Mayan Pyramids and Temples @ Chichen Itza as astronomical universities

thanks for the links! i thought angkor was to draco?