a kind God waits

God meant it all,
I guess.

You go about without thinking about it,
Because that is for philosophers and daydreamers,
Those who can lose themselves in the pot smoke and cocktails and chit chat.
Those souls can eventually be found sleeping on a bench, laying in a gutter,
Having pissed themselves, stabbed, on fire
You know it will come together,
Like you are owed an explanation,
(for putting up with so much shit)
Just like how the police came and straightened out the details,
when you were left for dead,
They explained who and where, how and why.
Your heart beats like every pulse takes you
One step closer to a God waiting just for you,
Waiting to take the time and calm your jitters, clear your conscience,
To make you understand, to see through these earthly possessions into a greater white light, where Plato and Mendelsohnn are cheering you to come quicker and grab a cocktail, discuss with us the

’ love it!!!

More like you, than the other two.