A little tip for firefox users...

Hey, I was screwing around with adblock because I’m just that bored, and I found out it actually works on those little google text ads!

addons.mozilla.org/extensions/m … on=firefox

Now I don’t even have google ads on my gmail account!


If you wanna block google ads just put this in your adblock filtery dealio


Not sure. I know that google records when they are clicked, though.

How much did you donate this year BMW? $2? :wink:

no, actually about $50.00 US dollars. Just ask ben. And, I feel good about telling Paul from PhilosophyForums.com that I did so.

He could have had some real money by now if he had not banned me. :smiley:

Ohhhh… that’s a lot of money over there. They’ll be able to send their kids to school for a year on that. Good on you.

I donated a cow. :sunglasses:

I just donate my wisdom and love…

Well that’s better than your usual donations (at the sperm bank)

Let us not forget I’m a highschool senior with a tight budget. Ben is the first real person I have ever donated any money to. :unamused:

…Ben, you are a real person, aren’t you? :astonished:

Ben, you are a real person, aren’t you?

That could be a thread in the philosophy section.

I’m serious when I say that’s a lot of money and “good for you” :slight_smile:

The bit about the feeding the children for a year and the cow were jovial digs at the British 3rd-world standard of living. Old convicts never forget. :sunglasses:

To all intents and purposes I am real…

The clockwork device in my ass is purely for pleasure…

  • ben

EDIT: Blocking the ads will cause your face to rot.

:smiley: It gives the chimes of Big Ben new meaning

this may be a personal question,so it’s obviously optional,but why were you banned? this is the most lenient forum i ever found and the most decent.

I’ve had to remove a bunch of posts from this thread because they risk ILP’s relationship with google. Please guys, only click on an advert if you are genuinely interested in that product. Although ILP is very happy with your intentions, you would actually be harming ILP if you tried to inflate advertising revenue by creating fraudulent clicks.

Many thanks for understanding.