a little Twilight of The Idols

“Backdoor philosohpy” of Kant… Why? What’s "frontdoor philosophy? Isn’t the enquiry into the way we think the best that all philosophers can do?

Nietzsche reckons that women are “sensous”. If psychological sensitivity is some of the most subtle among senses, then doesn’t that make him “fundamentally a woman”?

“System is the lack of the will of integrity”. Isn’t system aimed at achieving full integrity in another sense? “Based on refused convictions”… Isn’t that the same case with Nietzsche? I mean, if he’s wrong about the idea of “convictions”, then the whole of his arguement collapses.

“For the Englishmen, morality is not yet a problem”. Agreed. But question: isn’t because the Englishmen don’t want the trouble of judging what’s moral and what’s not, that they believe morality should be somehow absolute? One can never really solve the problem of morality right?

Nietzsche is really THE critic. “Man mannerism” of those “feminine romantics”? He makes use of many decriptives that often seem to end up in contradiction. Doesn’t that make him a romantic? “You go to women, don’t forget the whip”… Doesn’t that make him “man mannered”?

And I just couldn’t understand “on the study of intellectual concious” in the “expeditions of a timely man”. It totally confuses me with the contra-ideas of “deceptiful” and “geniue”, "virture and vice… I lost it at the bar after “that is the origin of self-tolerance”. To me, his arguement after that is no longer effective. Or is it?

Nietzsche was a Libran…and that’s a masculine sign, but hey…Librans are into aesthetic pleasures…so there you have it.

There I have what? The one liner bull of yours? Thanks a lot pal.

I’m think you’ve probably taken what I said the wrong way. It wasn’t an insult. In fact, you being a Libran, I suspected you’d have a better idea of what kind of person Nietzsche was. That’s why I didn’t elaborate.

I recall a post of yours in my topic named “astrology/horoscoppe”, in which you wrote something like “they’re bull”.

Why do you care to talk about it in a strictly philosophical topic now? You know a bit about it then don’t you? My point exactly: if you don’t believe in what you know, why use it as the base of a discusion?

Peace off pal, I don’t take any insult.

I think you did not read accurately about what I wrote in that thread. I spoke of only horoscopes being bull as they are too broad to matter.

Did I say I didn’t believe? No, so please stop assuming and insinuating. Nietzsche came into this world as a Libra, as you did, so the basis of your personality dictates your course of will and action. There are certain things I tend to consider weaved into the fabric of truth that astrology details, and what they are completely I am reluctant to reveal as I do not wish to appear as an asshole imposing on other people’s beliefs, like PoR. When you do that, when you make a thread speaking of your opinions on the nature of the universe, you are, in a sense, challenging people with your opinions over their own.

I am not trying to insult you, please stop thinking that. I have enjoyed reading your posts and your contributions thusfar to this forum. I would hate to see that go to waste over a petty incident such as this.

My original comment was stating a fact about the man that favored your opinion of him being a “man mannered” man, but I also wanted to comment on his aesthetic tastes and pleasures of the senses which otherwise would have contradicted his manliness. Did you not know I was agreeing with you the whole time?

I’m not a moderator…don’t wanna be one, either. But I would like to mention that there are three Nietzsche threads on the current page of Philosophy in its forum.

Could we please consolidate a little? Wouldn’t it be great if anything ILP ever discussed about Nietzsche could be found in on tidy thread? Sure it would.

Imp, can you pull some strings here, or what?

Have I screwed up here? Well, I can’t blame me too much can I? I mean, when somebody says something like “horoscope is just bullshit”, you would automatically think that he’s not a believer right? Nevermind.:blush:

Knowing your attitude now, I can see that as me, you find that Nietzsche can sometimes be quite contradictory to himself. I wouldn’t want to talk too much about whether the man’s masculine or not, 'cause that would be rather gay. Anyway, I think the contradiction occurs in this issue and some others, out of the problem of language. Yep language, so many misunderstanding’s caused… I also fear that it too causes one to misunderstand his own reason - which is highly dependent on language?

:stuck_out_tongue: , POR is an ass. Oh, but not for stating his own believes. I think it’s a shame that we have to sacrifise what seems to be our dignity, while expressing believes/thoughts passionately/seriously. It’s hard to please without getting bias. People are just too tough and high these days…


the exception is that in mundane babble (and the rant house), the Nietzsche talk is not as serious or academic…

but if you started categories by authors, we’d end up with a zillion categories in which no one posts… it’s much easier to see the threads in a few categories…

however, we’ll take it into consideration…


D’trop, you seem like a guy who has a lot to say about philosophy. Whatever is the reason that you’ve been saying nothing useful to me, I ask you to spear my posts the sarcasms.

No, not at all. I have an obsessive tendency to want to organize everything around me. For example, if the floor mat in my truck folds up on one corner, I freak out.

I just think it makes it easier for us in our discussions, as well as the nonmembers who are browsing ILP.

What would be great is if we could have a sort of ‘sub-thread’ for each thread, if you know what I mean.


I’ve noticed that you have become more aggressive lately. I’d like to compliment you on that.

Spare no one and take no prisoners.

I’m totally aware of the recent rantings on Nietzsche, that is perciesely why I chose to post this my lastest one into the mundane babble forum.

oh sure, captain nemo on every thread?


I don’t get it. Explain.

who drove the nautilus?

20,000 leagues under the sea…

end sub-threads now!!


D’trop, I don’t become aggressive for the sake that someone has insulted me, 'cause they’re not worthy of my time. But I can’t stand it when someone who has a high opinion of himself, “nicely” and “kindly” post in my topic in such a way that reminds me of even more of Nietzsche: what’s really moral; what is the real virture; decadence applies to you even if you seem to be dignified in the normal sense.

Nevermind, folks. Neither one of you make any sense to me right now.

Carry on, I’ll leave you alone.

Damn, my topic is developing in mysterious ways… Hell, who can I blame, for my topic is already mysterious.

Nietzsche said: “I am one thing, my writings are another.”

The same goes with myself.